Washington, DC

From a press release:

“Virgin Hyperloop One (VHO) will zoom into Washington D.C. on Wednesday, stopping outside the United States Capitol with its XP-1 test pod as part of its national road show to introduce the promise of hyperloop technology to people across the United States, and give them the chance to see it up close.

Members of the United States House and Senate will be in attendance and will speak on the future of hyperloop technology in the United States at 8:00am ET.

LOCATION: Below the West Front of the United States Capitol Building Maryland Ave, SW



“Need a theory”

“Dear PoPville,

How in the world did this happen to our alley neighbor overnight?!

The white BMW is always parked in what used to be a little protected parking space and the grey gate would swing open to allow access in and out. This morning it appears another car forcefully joined the BMW by completely smashing through the enclosure. Read More


Photo by Steph. A.

Steph with quite the sight on New York Ave earlier today: “Why are there military tanks in NW DC today?” Peter also said he saw “them pass on New York Ave maybe 45 minutes ago.” Fortunately Spooky O’Neil (which may or may not be her real name) responds that it’s just for the Army’s Annual Conference AUSA.


Photo by PoPville flickr user Erin

“Dear PoPville,

his morning, before 7am, I woke up to the sound of about 15 measured explosions (?), though I’m not sure what they were. It sounded like fireworks or maybe construction equipment that is used when laying a building’s foundation (there’s a lot of construction around here). The sound was so powerful that it caused my house to vibrate. It continued to happen every 10 minutes or so, with the last sequence sounding much more like fireworks, with an uneven distribution. Does anyone know what the heck it was? Not sure if it’s connected to Ft. McNair?”

Eric replied to a similar query on twitter:

“Fort Myer. Almost certainly practicing artilary/cannon fire. It did have a different pacing today but that’s what it was.”


816 H Street, NE

Thanks to Andrew for sending. Beetle House’s website says:

“Beetle House is a year round celebration of Halloween with an artistic and thematic atmosphere inspired by horror culture, magic, and the artistic, literary and cinematic works of Tim Burton, Alfred Hitchcock, Bram Stoker, Washington Irving, Edgar Allen Poe and many more. Read More


“10-foot-ish kitchen ceiling” Photo by Emily Crockett

Yikes. Thanks to Emily for sharing her warning:

“Don’t. Don’t. DO NOT. Open a Sriracha bottle if the seal is bulging.

I’m told that this has happened to other folks in this area.

If you bought Sriracha from the Columbia Heights Giant a few weeks ago, DO NOT OPEN IT.

This is seriously messed up and not ok.”


Thanks to Niki for sending from NW DC:

“Certainly looks like a mountain lion other than the stripes (Google suggests it could be an adolescent?). Would love a biologist to weigh in!”

The Neighbors video (uploaded September 15th) says:

“Caught this on video last night around 4 am. Does not look like a domestic cat…looks a lot like a mountain lion. We live right next to rock creek park, so it’s possible it came from there? Read More


hahaha oh man thanks to Tim for sending:

“Saw this parked in front of the Air and Space Museum this afternoon. I looked them up on line and it’s a rolling hotel.”

From Wikipedia:

“Rotel Tours is a German tourism company, a subsidiary of the Georg Höltl GmBH & Co. KK in Tittling, Germany. Read More


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