Washington, DC

Photo via Secretary David Bernhardt

Secretary David Bernhardt tweets yesterday:

“It’s going to be another BIG firework show in DC this year! Thank you Fireworks by Grucci for making another generous donation to the @NatlParkService!”


“Metro today announced service plans for July 4, 2020, including extended service at selected stations following the Salute to America fireworks display on the National Mall. While it is not known how many visitors will attend the event due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, all indications are that crowds will be much lighter than in past years. However, because the event may result in a modest increase in Metro’s ridership versus current levels, Metro will run more frequent trains and extend service beyond 9 p.m. at designated stations closest to the National Mall. Read More


“Dear PoPville,

I was wondering if the community could help me solve a mystery. Three weeks ago I noticed this eery flashing red light in the window on California Street, NW. I think it’s on 24/7 but is only truly visible dusk / night.

At first I didn’t pay it too much mind… But it’s been WEEKS now. Read More


“Any ideas?”

Thanks to Chris for sending:

“So my girlfriend and I were walking across the front lawn at catholic university and found an interesting object laying in the grass. Any ideas? It almost looks like an alligator foot, but what would am alligator foot be doing on the CUA campus.”


Thanks to a reader for sending the scene above from Shaw. Our June fireworks bonanza continued to the joy of some and the chagrin of many others last night. Conspiracies abound though as I’ve said before, D.C. is no stranger to earlier fireworks displays – however this year’s displays seem to be much louder than previous years. Also of note, these displays are not limited to one neighborhood or area but have been reported all over the District from Shaw to H Street to Tenleytown to SW and beyond. Etegamist passes an interesting theory: Read More


“Dear PoPville,

Help us here… we received this attached, strange letter in our mailbox. A lot is off with it:

First, it’s someone asking permission to pick up someone else’s driver’s license.
Second, despite their claim of having talked with us, we have never spoken to this person, and we have been in this house for three years.
Third, why would it be sent to our address? Read More


“Dear PoPville,

Something truly bizarre unfolded yesterday in Dupont that was captured by our Nest cam. My roommate witnessed it from the door, and at first I dismissed the story when I arrived home but after reviewing the footage this morning (because what else is there to do at 5AM) I have to admit there is some mystery to it and I’m intrigued…

Yesterday [Friday] around 530PM a young man picks up a hose that had been watering a bush along the verge. He approaches and stares down another man walking towards him and hoses the guy down! The sprayer then places the hose down calmly and both individuals walk away. The whole incident took less than 30 seconds and never escalated beyond a “what the hell gesture” from the sprayee.

Unfortunately we don’t pay for storage so I can only provide screencaps [more below], but none of this makes sense. After watching it 4-5 times I have some theories but wanted to put it out there in hopes of hearing from either party involved!” Read More


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