Washington, DC

Photo by Victoria Pickering

Update: Cancelled due to weather. More info as we get it.

From Facebook: “Well, we tried, but we never got the weather visibility we needed for the #ww2flyover so today’s flight is off. The weather was supposed to clear in time but it never cooperated with us so we will try again tomorrow at 11:30am EDT. Stay tuned for announcements in the morning. When we know, you’ll know! Keep your fingers crossed.”

From the Arsenal of Democracy Flyover:

“Approximately 65 World War II aircraft will take to the skies over Washington D.C. on September 25th. Starting at 11:30am ET, these historically sequenced warbird formations will fly over the Washington Mall in two minute intervals. The formations will represent the War’s major battles concluding with a missing man formation.”

Ed. Note: This event has been happening since at least 2015 and is definitely a sight to see.


Photo by Doug Landry

Jax (and others) with some serious frustration yesterday (to see in real time follow @PoPville on twitter):

“Why are the circling just about daily in certain areas in DC?”

Some responses: “In addition to the Marine one and decoys, park police starts circling 20 mins before each lift off and touch down.”

“1st Helicopter Squadron out of Andrews in holding patterns waiting for National traffic to clear for transport of minor VIPs.”

“For at least the past 30 min, a single Marine One (Presidential) Helicopter has been circling my neighborhood from about 12th St NW to 7th and M St NW to P. This is definitely not normal! What is going on?”

“Holding pattern. Standard military procedure, just sucks that is was over a residential area. Maybe they wanted to check out the Logan circle/Shaw area today.”

“At the time you saw it, Trump was about to leave the White House on Marine One headed to Andrews. Read More


Countdown as of 11:54am Wednesday

From an email:

“the basics are: city-wide blast at 5:00 pm on Friday 9/18 to announce the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, which begins that evening. Anyone who has a shofar (ram’s horn) is invited to blow the shofar from wherever they will be. If they’d like, they can pin their location on the map at www.theblastdc.com so others in their vicinity can hear. If folks don’t have a shofar but want to hear a blast, they can check out the pins on the map and find something in hearing distance nearby.”

More about The Blast: Read More


via DC Fire and EMS

From DC Fire and EMS:

“Final update military ordnance located 4700 block Quebec St NW. Military ordnance team has secured the item and will transport it for disposal. Incident has been mitigated and evacuation zone is no longer in place.”

“Unusual incident 4700 block Quebec St NW. what appears to be unexploded military style ordnance discovered during backyard excavation. #DCsBravest in unified command with @DCPoliceDept and military ordnance team. 450 foot evacuation zone established in all directions.”

“Update: The item was discovered as part of an ongoing operation by @USACEBaltimore to search for & mitigate discarded ordnance from WW I testing in what were then isolated open fields.”


About that Crazy Sun

Photo by Phil Yabut Tuesday morning “Surreal smoky sunrise.”

From the National Weather Service: “It is indeed smoke from the wildfires out west (thin, at about 20,000 to 25,000 feet above our heads)!”

More crazy photos from last night and this morning: Read More


Photo by Dr J

Got tons of queries, understandably, about this last night starting around 9pm:

“anyone else send you pics of this huge beam of light that appears to be coming from the Pentagon?”

“Spotlight pointed straight into the sky near Pentagon City Metro with a chopper in the distance. Anyone know what’s going on?”

Fox5 reported that it was a practice for:

“This Wednesday, the Tunnel to Towers Foundation will illuminate its ‘Towers of Light’ tribute next to the Pentagon in honor of the lives lost in Flight 77 there on September 11, 2001.”

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