Washington, DC

2nd/3rd Mass. and H Street, NW

Lauren asks: “Anyone know the history on this building? On the corner of H & 2nd NW.”

We used to get this question like clockwork but were last asked back in 2015.  We’ve previously learned that this is a ventilation shaft for the 395 highway tunnel below. The artist responsible for the awesome mural, Val E. Lewton, passed away in 2015.

Others have commented that: “It’s been known unofficially for years as the Nixon Memorial.”


1739 Connecticut Ave, NW

“Dear PoPville,

No one, and I mean NO ONE, seems to know what this shop with a great window but not much more (e.g. it’s never open) is all about. Do you? It’s on the east side of Connecticut Ave north of the circle between R and S. Any ideas?”

Aaron writes (and sends the photo above):

“There’s a new business there that is either DC’s newest and most secret speakeasy, or DC’s weirdest retail experiment. It purports to be “Capital Microscope Supply Company”, but how many microscopes do you have to sell to walk-ins to pay rent on the 1700 block of Connecticut?? Even better, they have rotating teaser signs posted on the door – this week it’s “Summer Hours now in effect”.

This has got to be some kind of bar or secret restaurant.”

Back in June we spoke about it and learned: Read More


Thanks to Matt for sharing this curious photo from Kee:

“Apparently DDOT replaced a section of sidewalk on Newton with a drive apron that leads to a driveway that hasn’t existed since before WWII

I’m coming up with nothing. You guys? Caption contest?



Thanks to Jason for passing on this Bloomberg article:

“The Pentagon has revealed a few details about a secret Army mission that has Black Hawk helicopters flying missions over the Washington, D.C., area backed by active-duty and reserve soldiers.

Hall said the operation began early in the fiscal year, which started Oct. 1, and “the duration of the mission is undetermined.”


Arielle writes:

“Anyone know why the area around McMillan “park” (aka not the reservoir) smells like feces? Second miserable run down north cap and turning onto Channing”

Ed. Note: Last week UrbanTurf reported:

“For more than two years, appeals have kept the planned-unit development (PUD) in limbo. However last week, the DC Court of Appeals, in its final decision on the PUD, affirmed that while the original PUD order offered insufficient justification for several provisions of the development, the response that the Zoning Commission issued on remand adequately addressed any outstanding concerns.

Between this decision and the time extension granted earlier this year, the development team has until March 2021 to apply for building permits.


Update: The Washington Post reported:

“The White House is getting a taller fence as part of security improvements beginning this summer for the perimeter of the grounds.

Crews will replace the fence with a structure that will be about 13 feet tall, an increase of about five feet.”

So these barriers are just temporary while the new fence goes up. Thanks to all who messaged for the info.

Thanks to Meaghan for sending:

“It appears new barriers are going up at the White House. They are concrete barricades with wood planks on top. Their purpose seems to be to obstruct the view of who is going in and out; since they are placed up against the sidewalk, which see-through gate barriers are already placed against.” Read More


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