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Photo by Elisabeth Fox

Got tons of report from all over the District last night.

Thanks to all who messaged and to Erica who solved the mystery first:

“There is an air show third weekend. Practice time. @JBAAirShow (Joint Base Andrews presents a free public air show featuring the United States Air Force Thunderbirds and entertainment for all ages Sept. 16-17, 2017.)”

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“Dear PoPville,

My girlfriend and I came home together and walked inside. We live in a major city on a nice neighborhood with a small yard like many city row houses. I saw that the water pitcher I filled this morning was empty, which I found strange, so I filled it and came back out to water the plants. When I walked outside, a man was standing at our gate, a few feet from me. I ignored him and watered the plants, and when I turned around, he was still there. He looked like a normal guy, our age, white upper middle class type. I said hi and he asked if I lived here. I said yes. He asked my name. I told him. He stood silent. I asked if he lived here. He said “somewhere around here.” I watered the other plants. He asked how long I lived here. I said a few years. He said how long exactly. I found it unsettling and told him I didn’t keep count. He asked where I was from originally, I said WV. He stood silent. I made a Deliverance joke he didn’t get. He asked where my girlfriend was from. She was inside. That meant he had watched us come inside and had been there since before we were home. I said it was nice to meet him and offered my hand to shake his. He said his name was James. I went back inside. (more…)

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Photo by PoPville flickr user Beau Finley

Thanks to Jaime for passing on the beaut from Craigslist:

“washington, DC > district of columbia > jobs > food/beverage/hospitality



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From an email:

“While Capital One has long been a hometown bank in the District, the company is thrilled to announce plans of two new Café locations slated for Georgetown and Chinatown.

WHAT THE CAPITAL ONE CAFÉS ARE ALL ABOUT: At the intersection of both the digital and physical worlds are the Capital One Cafés – a space that’s intentionally designed for how people live and bank today. The Capital One Cafes are about solving visitor’s financial problems and helping them reach their money goals. The new locations will serve as a community space where DC residents can recharge their bank accounts, devices and lives while learning new ways to manage their finances through free Capital One services like Money Coaching or Money Workshops, try out new digital and financial tools, use fee-free ATMs, tap into free Wi-Fi, or simply grab a great cup of coffee or local pastries.”

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“Dear PoPville,

Did anyone else notice the helicopter flying circles over Petworth/Columbia heights this morning? I am currently out walking my dog and this one helicopter has done at least ten circles over our heads this morning already and is still at it (it’s only 7am).”

Another reader places it at:

“Any info on a helicopter circling low around Spring, 10th, Otis for 1/2 hour or so at 7:00 am?”

Another reader reports:

“I live on the 1000 block of Quebec Pl NW columbia heights. about 7am I was woke up by women and men screaming.

I look out the window to see 1 SWAT team tanker truck, 3 ford excursions with the satalite domes on top like president trucks have, about 5 all black dressed swat team uniformed police and 2 females in cuffs while officers were inside.

I searched all kinds of local news site but came up with nothing.”

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Yesterday afternoon near Metro Center Courtenay spotted “this strange balloon floating over DC.”

Be not alarmed and for God’s sake somebody please tell POTUS, this is simply our friends from Air Photos Live balloon who seem to be spotted every year or so. You can see a closeup shot from a previous sighting here.

Our first sighting was back in October 2009. Last year we learned “The balloon was launched by Digital Design and Imaging Inc. to take aerial photos of the District’s skyline as part of the joint Height Master Plan the DC Office of Planning and the National Capital Planning Commission are conducting in response to a Congressional request.”

Update: Molly confirms “Yep, spotted off Thomas Circle.”

Photo by Molly Colleary

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Photo by PoPville flickr user Victoria Pickering

Today in what in the hell is that stink noise:

“Dear PoPville,

For the past two weeks or so, there’s been a very loud noise, something akin to an animal’s call, every 10 minutes or so, in/ about Kalorama Triangle/Adams Morgan. It sounds like the Dragon’s Screech on Game of Thrones, or a least a very large bird squawk, but is probably more likely a malfunctioning machine somewhere in the area – does anyone know what it is? It doesn’t stop in the evening, so it’s not construction, and I’ve heard it all over the ‘hood, so it has to be quite loud – has even woken me up from time to time – help!!!???”

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Photo from Kenyon and Georgia Ave, NW by Ayodele

It’s been a minute since we had a “what the hell are all these helicopters doing?” Last night we got reports spanning from U Street/Shaw to Logan Circle to Pleasant Plains to Park View to Petworth to Brightwood Park to Woodley Park to Cleveland Park to Mount Pleasant. And like previous queries the answer is:



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