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From MPD:

“Shooting investigation. The 3rd District is currently investigating a shooting that occurred at 0345 hours on the 2000 14th Street, NW. No lookout at this time.

Anyone with information on this can provide the information as an anonymous. tip by calling 202-727-9099 or by text at 50411″

Ed. Note: One reader reports hearing around 10 shots fired.

From LeDroit Park around 5:30pm: Read More

12:21am 800 block of Quincy StreetPlace, NW

From MPD:

“Alert: Shooting Investigation in the 800 block of Quincy Place Street, NW.”

800 block of Quincy Street, NW

“drive by shooting last night that hit 3 people”

and Read More

Thanks to Brent and Melissa for sharing around 3:30pm Sunday: “From Florida an Rhode Island Ave NW…. Plate obliterated but based on inspection sticker placement- maybe a MD driver…

Also no other car around- seems like car vs pole…” Read More

Update: “The owner and dog were found yesterday. The dog has been taken into a 10 day quarantine by animal control. We found out today he has a current rabies vaccine (big relief). We are uncertain what will happen after the 10days, but at present it sounds like he will be released to his prior owner (who was questioned, but not taken into custody). A concern for ongoing public safety persists. The immediate threat of the dog and rabies has been removed, but potentially only for the next 9 days.”

“Dear PoPville,

Dog Attack: Yesterday my 1.5-year-old was attacked by an unleashed pit-bull at the Park at LeDroit. Please help us find the man in the video and his dog, we need to confirm rabies is not a threat and ensure the dog is not a threat to others.

Details: ~11am yesterday a man (middle aged, African American) and his dog (white pit-bull with black spots) came to the Park at LeDroit, yelled at the Nannie’s and babies about how this was his park and then his dog attacked my son at the splash pad. Read More

photo by Zak

From MPD:

“The Fourth District is currently investigating a shooting in the 3500 block of Georgia Avenue NW. A male victim was found suffering from gunshot wounds to the leg. The victim was transported to a local for what is believed to be a none life threatening wound.

Anyone with information is asked to contact MPDC at 202-727-9099 or text 50411″

A reader reported at 8:19pm: “Drive-by shooting on Georgia between Otis and Newton NW. 3 explosive shots, screams then a car peeling away. A lot of emergency vehicles on scene. It’s been a rough 24 hours in this area”

and Read More


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