Washington, DC

Photo by DC Fire & EMS

As of Sunday morning I’m told they’ll be closed for “a few weeks” but I’ll be updating as the situation becomes more clear. Official word from MGM Roast Beef:

“MGM Roast Beef experienced a fire last evening. Because of the quick response and efforts of the brave men and women of the dc fire department the fire was well maintained. We hope to re-open in a few short weeks.

Thank you, DC’s bravest.

Thank you for all the calls and support from our NortheastDC community.

We are beyond grateful.”

On Saturday night at 10:14pm DCFD reported: Read More


2210 14th Street, NW

Thanks to all who’ve messaged.

14th and W Street, NW

From DCFD:

“Update Working Fire 2200 block 14th St NW. #DCsBravest have knocked down all visible fire and are working on hotspots. We prevented fire spread to attached exposure buildings. No injuries reported. Heat index 104.” Read More


Photo by Doug Jackson

Doug reported at 10:30am: “Looks like a fire at Al’s at E Cap and 14th.”

From DCFD:

“Working Fire 14th & E. Capitol St NE has been brought under control by #DCsBravest despite intense conditions & torrid heat outside. A DC firefighter who lived above store has been displaced. Investigators on scene to seek cause. No injuries at present.” Read More


From Alert DC: “MPD reports a road closure of the 2400 block of 18th Street NW due to fire activity. Please use an alternate route.”

Update from Tryst:

“The fire on the roof at Tryst caused very minimal damage, all exterior. We will be closed for the rest of the day to catch our breath and be back open tomorrow.” Read More


“Dear PoPville,

I am writing to you because my housemates and I are in desperate need of some assistance. On July 4th, I came home and discovered our home had caught fire because one of our reckless and careless housemates was setting off illegal fireworks in front of our home. Myself and my other two roommates, who were not home at the time, have lost everything we own except the clothes on our backs and our fur babies. Unfortunately no one had renter’s insurance, so we are really going thru a difficult time.

Myself and the other two ladies all work in the hospitality industry here in DC and we are really hoping that you could help us. We have started a GoFundMe page to help collect donations so we can find a new place to live and purchase the essentials. Read More


Connecticut and Ordway Street, NW

Ed. Note: I stopped by to get these photos yesterday and it was the biggest emergency response I have ever seen. These photos don’t do justice to how many responders where there. There were at least two ladder truck, 3 or 4 pumper trucks, multiple police cars, and other fire department vehicles.

Thanks to Eric for passing on from St. Arnold’s Cleveland Park & The Abbey yesterday:

“Hey everyone! Unfortunately there was a large fire at our Cleveland park location this afternoon.
We will be closed until further notice at Cleveland Park. Read More


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