Washington, DC

A reader working in Solid Waste Management writes:

“it was a fire, likely caused by a lithium battery!

You may want to warn your readers about this very dangerous phenomenon and tell them to NEVER put these types of batteries in the trash or recycling! They can often now be used in a number of products, including, sadly, greeting cards!”


Updates when/if any official info is released from MPD.

S reported around 6pm: “Looks like there’s a fire at the intersection of M St & North Capitol St NW. Just heard a neighbor set off fireworks from that direction, I suspect it may be related.

In other news, there’s a gunman on the loose at the building down the block, so the fireworks were very poorly timed. I hope all neighbors involved are OK!”

DC Fire and EMS reported: “Use of illegal fireworks put dozens of seniors at risk in yesterday’s fire on N. Capitol St. A Roman candle fired from the street ignited a 5th floor balcony. If it explodes or flies it is illegal in DC. For complaints or tips on illegal fireworks e-mail [email protected]

“Separate from the gunman incident at Avalon First and M/Ava NoMa and the apartment fire at Sibley Plaza Public Housing, there was a third incident in my building this morning involving an FBI presence on the fourth floor.”

“M Street NE between North Cap and 1st is blocked on both ends by police – maybe 30 police vehicles and helicopters circling this one block.” Read More

Thanks to David for sending: “On Maryland Ave NE. Seemed like both drivers were ok. Fire trucks showed up a minute after I took this.”

Update from Rachel: “As of 11:30, the cars are still here (and one still has its headlights on).

You can also see in these pics how the unassuming tree also got scorched!

Really thankful that no one was hurt!!”

Deb reported: Read More


Thanks to G Burton and everyone else for sending.

From DC Fire and EMS: “Update Working Fire 3500 block Ga. Ave NW. aggressive interior firefighting by #DCsBravest knocked down bulk of fire & limited extension in adjacent building. Continue to open up & hit hotspots. No injuries reported.”

From AlertDC: “DCFEMS reports the 3400-3500 block of Georgia Avenue NW, between Otis Place and Morton Street NW, will be closed until further notice due to fire activity. Please avoid the area and use an alternate route.” Read More


10th and M Street, NW

From Alert DC: ” DC FEMS reports the 900 block of M Street NW is closed due to fire activity. Please avoid the area.”

Update: 3pm:

Word from DC Fire and EMS: “Working Fire 900 block M St NW – Fire
Smoke was showing from rooftop of row house. Fire now under control. One patient transported to the hospital in serious non-life threatening condition. #DCsBravest from Tower 3 on the scene. Currently no other displacements.”

Update 3:15pm: “DC FEMS reports the updated road closures as follows:

900-1000 block of M Street NW and the 1100-1300 Block of 10th Street NW.”

Reader report: Read More


Photo by rebecca yarbrough

Rebecca recounts a helluva a tale last night around 7:30pm:

“Just happened by a blazing balcony fire on 16th St across from Meridian Hill Park. Another bystander and I came across the fire at the same time. He immediately sprinted around the block and appeared ON THE BALCONY spraying a fire extinguisher. Hero!!!”

P. adds: “He took the fire extinguisher from my hands and we both ran to the balcony (I was at the balcony door until he yelled to empty the place). It was my neighbor’s home.”

“Here’s a clip of him going after the flames with the fire extinguisher” Read More


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