Washington, DC

Photo by C-JRCook

*This series will feature any pets in a backpack/bag. On metro, or not. Corgi, or not.

Thanks to C-JRCook for sending:

“Fortunately chauffeurs are regarded as essential workers. Wilson spotted taking a ride in a backpack at Georgetown Waterfront Park.”


Thanks to Lissy for sending from Saturday night:

“We spotted what we discovered was this newly married couple a few tables over. People had been sending them glasses of champagne with one couple offering to buy them a bottle to take home. Here is a video as they got up to leave. The entire restaurant clapped for them when they got up to leave. It was heartwarming.”

Please email your awesomeness to [email protected] and let me know where you found it.


“Dear PoPville,

For the past 14 or so years, my parents and I have gone to Hu’s Shoes in Georgetown on Mother’s Day so my mom can pick out a pair of shoes after brunch. We stumbled upon the store years ago, and have kept up the tradition ever since, rain or shine. The guys always sit down to catch up on what’s happened the past year, and patiently help as my mom tries on every pair of flats and my dad riddles them with dad jokes. We look forward to it every year.

Today, knowing we wouldn’t be able to come in, I reached out by email to let the guys know that we are thinking of them and will be in as soon as social distancing regulations ease up. Read More


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