Washington, DC

3331 Connecticut Ave, NW

On the heels of the Burgundy and Gold likely changing their name after mounting pressure…

Thanks to Maddox for sending the update on Tobacco Palace DC‘s opening in Cleveland Park:

“I was indifferent to the business but now they’ve unveiled an ACTUAL CIGAR STORE INDIAN in the front window. Can we NOT?”

This is the former Artisan lamp space that closed after 35 years back in 2017.


4339 Connecticut Avenue, NW

Thanks to Andrew for passing on the glorious news from Calvert Woodley:

“Beginning next Monday, July 6th, our hours will be extended to 11:00 am – 7:00 pm Monday through Saturday, and 11:00 am – 5:00 pm on Sunday. We will continue to offer curbside pickup and delivery.

We plan to follow some new guidelines in an effort to maintain the safety of our customers and staff. Customers will be allowed into the store in smaller groups so as not to exceed 15 customers in the store at one time. We will require customers to wear masks, we will be stepping up our sanitizing efforts, and we will ask everyone to maintain safe distances.”


1831 14th Street, NW via Immortal Beloved

Update: Kim hears, “The owner is making it a barber shop. All the barbers who worked downstairs will now be working upstairs from what I’ve heard

Update: Kim hears, “They’re making the entire space Hell’s Bottom, the barbershop. No more women’s hair.

Thanks to C and JC for sending word:

“Per stylists who work there, Immortal Beloved on 14th street is closing permanently. I remember still going to them when they were on Church Street a decade ago. What a loss.”

Ed. Note: I emailed Immortal Beloved this morning to try to get more info on timing but have not heard back yet. One email from a stylist was forwarded to me which starts:

“Dear Clients,
Unfortunately Immortal Beloved D.C. is closing permanently.”

Updates as more is known.


1417 New York Ave, NE photo by Dennis Jansen

Dennis writes: “Looks like its run is over. They removed the plywood from the windows and emptied the store.”

Julia writes: “Walked by yesterday and it looked like the whole first floor was cleared out :( any word on if it’s permanently closed?”

TJ Maxx opened in Ivy City at the Hecht Warehouse in late 2017. TJ Maxx’s website lists the store as “currently closed” though 3254 M Street, NW and 601 13th Street, NW appear to be open.

Stay tuned.


660 Pennsylvania Ave, SE

From an email:

“Kirk and I are very excited to share that we’ll be opening a brand new Captain Cookie store at Eastern Market! Our official public opening will be Thursday, July 2 at 11am, and we will be open that day until 10pm. These will be our daily hours (open 7 days a week) until more people return to DC as reopening continues – at that point we anticipate expanding our hours. Read More


Yesterday afternoon we shared some scuttlebutt about Adams Morgan’s Wawa likely closing next month. Turns out it’ll be sooner than that. A reader reports: “Just wanted to let you know that I confirmed Wawa is closing this coming Sunday for good. Sounds as though all employees will be transferred to other locations.”

Ed. Note: Some of the staff will likely be moved to the coming Thomas Circle location.

Update: Another reader hears closing “July 5th a manger told me yesterday. They are blaming it on Coronavirus and moving staff to NEW Thomas Circle store.”

Prior to Wawa this space was home to BicycleSpace, who was only here briefly, and also Slaviya and also Leftbank back in the day, Cities.

Updates when we learn what becomes of the space.


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