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courtesy PUB

From a press release:

“Drink Company’s third annual Cherry Blossom Pop-Up Bar (PUB) will open Thursday, February 28 with over-the-top décor inspired by the Fontaine de L’Encelade at the Palace de Versailles in France. The French fairytale garden will feature wooden trellises covered in abundant flowers including peonies, roses, and Japanese cherry blossoms.

Cocktails at Cherry Blossom PUB draw inspiration from Japanese ingredients, including the Honeydew, Honey See (above), which explores the flavors of rice using sake, Americano vermouth, shio koji (spent fermented sake grains made into a tea, then a syrup), cucumber, honeydew, and absinthe; and the Once and Floral (below), a riff on a gin sour made with Bluecoat Gin, peach, matcha, lemon, orange flower water, and egg white.

The layered, multi-room concept will also feature a ramen room in partnership with Hiro Mitsui, the chef behind the cult-favorite Union Market food stall Ramen by UZU. (more…)

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8th and P Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I wanted to know if anyone else was woken up around 11:40pm last night to what sounded like at least 5-10 gunshots near the Giant on 7th St NW. It could have been something else, but it had the distinct ‘pop’ sound of a handgun.”

Another reader reports:

“Around 11 pm tonight. Here’s the scene a few minutes ago outside the Giant. MPD is hunting for shell casings in the snow. (more…)

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14th and P Street, NW

Farewell Lalibela in your new digs! [And of course RIP Playbill Cafe]. They moved from 14th and P to 1608 7th Street, NW near Dacha, the new spot from Thip Khao and across the street from the Passenger and Ivy & Coney et al.

End of an era for this corner:

New location: (more…)

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“Dear PoPville,

We’ve noticed an uptick in rats around our Shaw neighborhood lately (from bad to worse). The city has come out a few times, but whatever they’re doing, which I think is spraying some kind of poison, hasn’t made it better. I’m thinking about hiring a company to put down professional grade bait traps. Does this actually work for residential pest control? I’ve seen the black bait boxes all over the place but am not sure if they help at all, or if I would just be throwing money away. I’m hoping some of your readers may have found success clearing these suckers out and can share their advice!”

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9th and Q Street, NW

Last week we wrote that Zeppelin “Sushi, Yakitori, and Karaoke”, from the owners of Chaplin’s would be opening this month in Shaw. Lots more info from a press release:

Photo Credit Robert Fairbairn for TheApertureGroup.co

“Mixologists and brothers Ari and Micah Wilder, along with their partners Adrian Williams and Minoru Ogawa, are pleased to announce the late February opening of their latest concept, Zeppelin, at 1544 9th Street, NW, 20001. Zeppelin will offer an omakase experience, along with Edomae (Edo-style) sushi, yakitori and other Japanese items hand-selected by Chef/Partner Minoru Ogawa from the Toyosu Market in Tokyo, Japan, and imported directly to the restaurant. Guests can anticipate over 30 different varieties of seasonal fish and shellfish, which will pair well with the restaurants collection of premium sake and craft cocktails. (more…)

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via google maps

Run asks:

“sitting on the edge of your seat to hear sirens so you can figure out if that noise was gunshots or… something else”

Max echoes the query this morning: “anyone hear what sounded like gunshots in the area of 9th and P NW last night?”

Vera (and others) reported around 12:45am:

“4 gunshots heard at 11th and O St NW”

Morgan replied:

“I saw a cop turn onto N from 11th … but not with any urgency so idk”

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1541 7th Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

There is a PUBLIC HEARING about the new club, Play DC at 1541 7th St NW. It is located in Shaw on 7th St NW between P & Q, next door to The Passenger. The hearing will be on Wednesday, January 30 at 4:30 pm. UPDATE “now set for Wednesday, February 6 at 3:30 pm” See details below.

This club got a lot of attention because they had music and the bass blasting until 4 am in late-Dec, early-Jan. They were running an obstructive car valet blocking 7th. It’s likely that the M80 explosion on Jan. 2 was set off by someone leaving the club.

The more people we can get to attend the hearing the better. Please come!



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