Washington, DC

2012 9th Street, NW

From an email:

“Hospitality entrepreneurs Eric and Ian Hilton are partnering with Andy Brown, whose eponymous Andy’s Pizza will find a new home next door to the siblings’ latest venture, Echo Park (2012 9th Street NW) this winter. The new restaurant and bar, which pays homage to the Hiltons’ D.C.-area roots, replaces the former Gaslight Tavern.

2016 9th Street, NW

Andy’s Pizza (2016 9th Street NW) will serve up New York-style slices in-house and will also offer delivery to the surrounding neighborhood. Read More


1414 9th Street, NW

Since Vegetate closed in 2009 the space has become an Ethiopian restaurant called Cafe Eagle then Taqueria Mexicana then an Ethiopian Sports Bar and Restaurant named Eagle (again) then was renamed Northern Restaurant.  In July of 2012 Secret Lounge and Sports Bar opened up but closed in Nov. 2013. In February 2017 Choa Ku closed after opening in June 2016. In July 2017 Imm Thai opened and closed in August 2019.

A new liquor license posted out front for Climaxx Bar and Restaurant says: Read More


Ed. Note: The disturbing letter is triggering to some so at their request I’ve moved it after the jump.

“Dear PoPville,

Has anyone ever received torn up notes (with threatening content) and torn up dollar bills? One was left on our front porch overnight and it’s very unsettling. We are left wondering if this was targeted or part of a spate of incidents. Read More


945 Florida Avenue, NW

Whoa haven’t checked in on this development in a minute. A liquor license placard posted for Wm. Mulherin’s Sons says:

“New Retailer’s Class “C” Restaurant serving pizza and other Italian-influenced, wood-fired fare. Applicant is applying for a Summer Garden Endorsement with 40 seats. Total seating inside is 200 with a Total Occupancy Load of 275.

Their website says:

“Wm. Mulherin’s Sons started with the discovery of a derelict, abandoned 100-year old whiskey blending and bottling facility on the S. E. Corner of Front and Master St. The building was constructed in 1890 and has been converted into a restaurant and boutique hotel serving urban, wood-fired Italian.” Read More


6th and Rhode Island Ave, NW via IG

Ed. Note: This is the the former Mr. P’s Ribs lot.

It had been like a year since our last Electric Cool-Aid update. Thanks to a reader for sending word about their Indiegogo:

“We are here to bring you hot fun in the summertime. Frozen drinks, things in cans, and a magic bus, all at the corner of 6th and Rhode Island NW.

You may be hearing about us for the first time, or maybe you have been hearing about us for over a year. We have gone from being a dream to having building permits and an approval for a liquor license, now we just need to build this beauty.

What we need / What you get Read More


Photo by PoPville flickr user Eric P.

“Dear PoPville,

I live on Irving Street between Georgia Avenue and 14th Street, and it is constantly littered with trash. Two things exacerbate this: the south side of the street has street-side trash pickup that blows loose bits of trash everywhere, and my multiple attempts for public trash cans have been rejected by 311.

Today, I came home to find 3 lovely young women in Howard Bison jackets picking up every tiny bit of trash on the street, smiling and making their way down Irving. I jumped out of my car to thank them and they just waved off my thanks.

I’m not sure what prompted this, but thank you Howard University and thank you to students doing this on a blustery, gloomy day instead of Black Friday shopping.”



From DC9:

“The Holidays are about giving and celebrating. They are about overindulgence and spending time with friends both new and old.

In that spirit DC9 is bringing back to life the much lauded Palena Burger!

It’s been five years since the acclaimed Palena closed its doors and the beloved burger graced the tables of DC dinners, and we miss it. Amber Bursik, chef at DC9, whom cooked at Palena for several years and cooked many of those Palena burgers herself thought this was the way she and DC9 could spread some holiday cheer to their guests. Read More


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