Washington, DC

6th and H Street, NE

Sarah sends just before 11am: “I witnessed a Cava dining emergency! This police car drove the wrong way down 6th street with lights on and then parked and went in for a grain bowl! I saw them order. I waited to see if they were responding to something inside before I went in.”

“Dear PoPville,

Wondering if anyone knows more of what happened with the police stand-off in the housing complex on Park and Hiatt NW on Monday? I live on Park and wasn’t allowed to leave my building from about 3pm on. I walked past the building today and the damage is pretty apparent…”

In response to an email inquiry MPD tells me: “The incident was resolved early Tuesday morning with the suspect in custody. No injuries were reported.” Read More

9th and N Street, NW

Update 2:27pm residents report: “They just removed the guy from his apartment, he came out with his hands up. Looks like they will be leaving soon.”

Readers report:

“There’s a huge police presence in the colonel apt building on 9th and N, including at least six cops with a riot shield and a chopper circling overhead. I heard them knock on a door in the bldg and yell “come out with your hands up” but no one has come out yet.Read More

via GoFundMe

Thanks to all for passing on the GoFundMe for Officer William “Billy” Evans’ children:

“On April 2, 2021, 18 year veteran United States Capitol Police Officer William Evans (Billy) paid the ultimate sacrifice while working his regular post outside the United States Capitol.

Billy was a loyal friend, loving son and brother, and above all, a beloved Dad. Billy’s two young children, Logan and Abigail, were his entire world. Read More

At DC Harvest March 3rd “Broken into again. Upstairs kitchen door kicked & frame destroyed. Office trashed again. Cash & many bottles stolen. 3rd breakin in 10 weeks.”

From MPD:

“On 3/11/21, 1D officers and detectives made an arrest closing out four recent burglary cases in the H Street NE corridor. The adult male suspect has been charged with Burglary (2nd Degree) related to establishments in the 400, 500, 1100 and 1200 blocks of H Street NE from February 25th to March 11th. First District detectives are continuing to investigate these events as well as any links to other crimes in the area. A press release with additional information will be forthcoming once the suspect has been presented in DC Superior Court.”

“Dear PoPville,

As if we needed more evidence that the DC police budget is extremely inflated and misdirected…this scene from Columbia Rd NW between 18th and 16th on the evening of 2/6/21. A small group of peaceful protesters (30-40 people tops; I’m guessing racial justice-focused based on their chants, but I do not know the organizing group nor do I speak for them) walked down Columbia Rd while a disproportionately large police presence preceded them AND followed them. In the attached image, the only group NOT circled is the protestors.

Police escorting large protests/marches to maintain traffic safety is one thing, but this is excessive and clearly intimidating. Read More

From the Mayor’s Office:

“Today, DC Health announced that beginning the week of January 25, in-person staff, including teachers and support staff, at DC Public Schools (DCPS) and DC Public Charter Schools will begin receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

This week, DCPS teachers and staff who are already reporting in-person, or who will return for in-person instruction in Term 3, will receive an email outlining the process for scheduling a vaccination appointment. Vaccinations will begin next week and will take place at Dunbar High School. DC Health and DCPS are partnering with Children’s National Hospital to vaccinate DCPS staff. Appointments will be scheduled directly with Children’s National Hospital. 

DC Public Charter Schools will receive guidance from the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) regarding the vaccination program expected to start on January 25 for teachers and staff who are reporting in person.

Starting on January 25, other workers necessary for the preservation of societal functions will begin vaccinations, such as other public school staff and members of the Metropolitan Police Department. In addition, “Continuity of District Government” personnel will start their vaccinations next week with Kaiser. Read More


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