Washington, DC

655 K Street, NW via Shouk

From an email:

“After sustaining broken windows, as well as some fire and water damage, at Shouk’s K Street location during Sunday night’s protests (statement available here), partners Ran Nussbacher and Dennis Friedman are able to re-open the kitchen today. While there are still repairs to be made, the restaurant is fully open for carryout and delivery orders, as well as its weekly ‘hood drops (schedule available on the Shouk app).

Friedman and Nussbacher will be donating a percentage of proceeds from this week’s sales to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund..

While the storefront remains boarded up until the glass can be replaced, they have provided paint and writing materials and are inviting their neighbors to visit (in a safe and socially distanced way) to fill the plywood surface with their own messages of love and hope.Read More


425 I Street, NW

Thanks to all who passed on from Baan Siam:

“We are less than a week away from opening and tonight we got hit by looters. The property is damaged and we got robbed. It’s 4 am and we are sad, angry, and exhausted. But this will not change who we are. Screw the looters. God bless the actual protestors. Anyone willing to stand up and fight for their rights and the rights of others is still welcome here.

We will clean up, recover, and keep doing what we love. Also….. we temporarily have a new take out window!” Read More


4th and K Street, NW

Kate sends around 12:45am: “first the race of cars up New York Ave and now gunshots and tons of cars outside on 4th and K”

Alyssa reports:

“Around 12:36am, we heard 6-7 gun shots sounded like it came from 4th and K St NW. We saw two young males run east on K St. We called 911. Then another young male flagged down a police van and the van followed him to in front of the building under construction at 4th and K St. 3-5 mins later a fire engine and two ambulances joined them in front of the construction.

Earlier tonight we watched a 10+ car pursuit of an armed carjacker who stole a gold Equinox on the same street.

Summer 2020 in DC. And so it begins.”

From MPD: Read More


Thanks to DaphinDC for sending last night:

“NJ Ave & H Street NW; 2nd time in 3 days there’s been one of these collisions. What’s up w/ this intersection? Send note of concern where?”

Ed. Note: I advised contacting the D.C. Department of Transportation but a local ANC could probably help too.


“Dear PoPville,

I witnessed a crime (yes, I’ve called the police and reported) and I wanted to let others know to be on the look out for this man.

I was walking east on Mass ave between 7th and 6th NW (In front of Soul Cycle, across from Farmers/Distillers) Thursday at 2pm and I saw a man run up behind a woman who was clearly on the phone distracted and start taking photos up her gym shorts. Read More


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