1739 N Street, NW via Tabard Inn

From the Tabard Inn:

“The Tabard Inn announces a new chapter with the onboarding of Culinary Partner Ian Boden, who quietly began working with Tabard Inn this spring, training the team, researching the history of the hotel, and updating the menus, which reflect Boden’s interpretations of classical cooking and technique. The dinner menu is available immediately and the new brunch menu will launch in October. Read More


1213 Connecticut Ave, NW previously home to Pampillonia Jewelers, Pinkberry and a Buredo

“Something fresh is brewing.

As the only chain that roasts in-house at every location, a visit to a Roasting Plant Coffee café is a coffee-lover’s dream. 
Think “the Willy Wonka of coffee” and you get the idea.”

Roasting Plant’s website says:

“We are Roasting Plant®, a bunch of coffee lovers from the Lower East Side NYC who set out on a quest to create the perfect just-roasted cup. Read More


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