Washington, DC

3715 Macomb Street, NW just off Wisconsin Ave

From an email:

“2Amys has come to a difficult decision: barring some kind of miracle, we plan to remain open for carry-out only for the rest of 2020.

We have spent much time trying to figure out how to stay safe in our kitchen while also being able to cook for our customers. After attending numerous Zoom conferences and reading up on various best practices, we have decided this is the safest and best way forward for us. Read More


655 K Street, NW via Shouk

From an email:

“After sustaining broken windows, as well as some fire and water damage, at Shouk’s K Street location during Sunday night’s protests (statement available here), partners Ran Nussbacher and Dennis Friedman are able to re-open the kitchen today. While there are still repairs to be made, the restaurant is fully open for carryout and delivery orders, as well as its weekly ‘hood drops (schedule available on the Shouk app).

Friedman and Nussbacher will be donating a percentage of proceeds from this week’s sales to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund..

While the storefront remains boarded up until the glass can be replaced, they have provided paint and writing materials and are inviting their neighbors to visit (in a safe and socially distanced way) to fill the plywood surface with their own messages of love and hope.Read More


Photo by K Street Photography DC

In not too long it’s gonna be my turn to watch my kids so I want to post a bunch of photos that I’ve received last night/this morning, apologies if it’s a bit overwhelming but I want to get them posted for posterity. And again, truly, thanks to all who’ve been messaging us. Your photos and notes have been invaluable in keeping us all connected during these chaotic hours. Keep ’em coming to [email protected] and @PoPville on social media.

Many, many more photos: Read More


425 I Street, NW

Thanks to all who passed on from Baan Siam:

“We are less than a week away from opening and tonight we got hit by looters. The property is damaged and we got robbed. It’s 4 am and we are sad, angry, and exhausted. But this will not change who we are. Screw the looters. God bless the actual protestors. Anyone willing to stand up and fight for their rights and the rights of others is still welcome here.

We will clean up, recover, and keep doing what we love. Also….. we temporarily have a new take out window!” Read More


A New Day

15th and P Street, NW by Dan at 5:45am

A lot to unpack. I’m just getting back to the computer going through everyone’s messages.

Regarding the photo above, Dan reports:

Driver evading police loses control and drives into TD bank at 15th and P. Took off on foot. MPD pulled about 30 liquor bottles out of the trunk. The occupants didnt get far and were detained outside of Milkbar. A fair amount of vandalism in the immediate area, but nothing that cant be fixed or is more important than healing the wounds that caused this unrest.”

Standby. Many, many updates coming.


1346 4th Street, SE photo by Scott Suchman

From a press release:

“Chef Michael Rafidi announces a May 30 opening for Yellow, a cafe and bakery with Levantine roots, located within his Navy Yard restaurant, Albi, at 1346 4th Street SE. The carryout cafe will be open Wednesday-Sunday from 9am-3pm, offering a taste of the Levant for breakfast, lunch, and all-day coffee. Chef Gregory Baumgartner, who oversees pastry at Albi, also leads the program at Yellow, which merges classic French technique with Middle Eastern flavors. Rafidi puts his mark on the menu with a selection of mezze and pita sandwiches. Read More


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