PoPville chronicles the happenings in Washington D.C.’s neighborhoods.

Topics covered include quality of life, real estate, restaurants, bars, retail, architecture, gardening, pets, transit, crime and other general observations about daily life in D.C.

PoPville the community has also become, in many ways, an unofficial ombudsman and advisor for many residents in and visitors to the District of Columbia. Readers are able to write in questions and collectively get answers to a host of topics concerning life in the District and life in general.

Today PoPville is a daily/hourly must read site for those who want to be in the know and is, often, where the news get their neighborhood news.

Joe writes: “If I want to read the news of the city, I check PoPville. It covers stories of local life that you don’t see anywhere else. To learn what’s happening in your neighborhood, you check PoPville. That’s why it’s become an intrinsic part of DC life.”

Sandy says: “PoPville is like an ultra local digital NPR meets New Yorker meets open town hall on steroids. I have to have it to know what the hell is actually going on in this city.”

Harrison says: “Apparently last night when I was already half asleep my wife tried to ask me about something…. My half awake response was, according to her, “I don’t know, check PoPville.”

CA says during the Covid-19 pandemic: “Centuries from now, most social media will be lost to history, but I am confident PoPville will be archived – a primary source for anyone who wants to understand our now.”

Brooke says: “PoPville is a religion for DC.”

-Dan Silverman: Citizen of the District of Columbia/Photo by James Kvaal

PoPville was created by Dan Silverman on November 5th, 2006. Silverman was an early pioneer of neighborhood blogging with an emphasis on concise, photo heavy, street by street coverage. Silverman adopted the flâneur lifestyle (many miles of weekly walkabouts) shortly after moving to the District’s Woodley Park neighborhood in 1997. Having lived in Petworth from 2003-2015, today, Silverman lives with his wife and daughters in North Cleveland Park. The site was originally known as and, in tribute to his blogging roots, Silverman still posts as the Prince of Petworth (PoP).

Silverman has been quoted and/or featured in the New York Times, Financial Times, Washington Post and many other local publications.

Washingtonian has called PoPville the “King of Neighborhood Blogs” and Thrillist says, “If you’re not already following this Lord of Local News, you’re doing social media wrong.”

PoPville has been voted multiple times Best Local Blog in the Washington Post Express, Washington City Paper (10+ years), Washingtonian Magazine and the Washington Blade.

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