Washington, DC

1742 Columbia Road, NW. Photo by Adams Morgan BID

Sometimes you tweet a random thought:

And then God smiles upon you, courtesy of the Adams Morgan BID last night:

“It’s back in Adams Morgan tomorrow!”

To be clear “tomorrow!” is TODAY!!!


3400 Georgia Avenue, NW

From an email:

Join us for the inaugural Park View Pinewood Derby. A Pinewood Derby is a racing event for unpowered, unmanned, handmade miniature cars. Traditionally just for kids, this is a Pinewood Derby for all ages – young and young at heart! Buy a kit, design and craft your car, and bring it to compete on our race track! We’ll have prizes for the fastest cars as well as People’s Choice awards for most the most creative design.

All proceeds will benefit NCAC Scouts in DC. Read More


3rd and Florida Ave, NW

Meats and Foods reported some serious construction related frustration on Friday:

“NEBT crews are currently extending the construction staging area far beyond what the plans call for, completely blocking crossing access from ours and other buildings. plans call for the staging area to end at the entrance of 249 Florida Ave. Read More


NOT a Lawn Decoration

“Dear PoPville,

I walked out my front door at 815 this morning and found this guy standing in my yard. It’s a 7 point buck!!!

Once he wandered down to my neighbor’s yard, I found her hiding in the bushes next door to us: Read More


courtesy U.S. Botanic Garden

From an email:

“To kick off celebration of the 200th anniversary of the U.S. Botanic Garden’s (USBG) original 1820 charter, the Garden is collaborating with renowned stickwork artist Patrick Dougherty to create a custom sculpture to stand throughout the 2020 celebratory year.

Dougherty, who hails from North Carolina, is known around the world for his installations woven from plant materials, which celebrate nature through both materials and visually flowing lines. Over 30 years, he has built more than 250 stickwork sculptures, from Scotland to Japan to all over the United States. D.C.-area residents might remember his gallery-filling installation in the popular “Wonder” exhibit at the reopening of Renwick Gallery. Read More


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