Washington, DC

“Fake In-N-Out”

Thanks to Jordan for sending yesterday: “Not affiliated with the real company. Trying to pass off as the real thing.

So sad.”

Anyone actually try it?

From Dalton: “I can 1000% confirm that it is not real In-N-Out. Not sure how they haven’t gotten busted for false advertising yet. My wife and I ate it this past Sunday and that’s the first time we’ve seen the truck- we aren’t down by the mall too often though. Their advertising signs are pretty legit and they also claim to have animal fries…”


OBGYN recs?

Photo by Lindsey Robinett

“Dear PoPville,

I’ve put off finding an OB/GYN in the city just for annual check-ups, etc., for too long, and would love recommendations, preferably someone centrally located or Metro-accessible. Bonus if they are in network with Cigna!”


“Dear PoPville,

I guess it’s a good PSA more than anything…

Last Thursday I was one of several people robbed at the Shell Station at 12th and Otis St NE in Brookland. I unlocked my car to switch credit cards, since the one I was planning on using was not able to be read. Unbeknownst to me, a kid had snuck around my passenger side and opened the door, such that it was not able to be locked again. When I finished pumping gas and went to get in, the kid was inside my car, with my purse in his hands, rifling through other things in the car to take. In addition to my purse, he got my car/house keys, iPhone and my wallet with my ID containing my address. I stupidly chased the kid but he got into a waiting black, Mercedes crossover with MD temp tags and they sped north on 12th St NE. About 10 minutes after the theft, I started getting fraud calls to my Apple watch from the Walmart on Riggs Road. They were able to make about $4000 in purchases between all of my cards in my wallet. Read More

Photo by Victoria Pickering

“Dear PoPville,

I was crossing Idaho Avenue and heading in the direction of the National Cathedral (Saturday). A handsome cyclist stopped while I was crossing, and he nodded at me politely and complimented my dress. I thanked him and wished him a good night, at which point he wished me a great night too. I thanked him again and (unfortunately!) kept walking. Read More


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