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“Dear PoPville,

I live in Dupont and we have a huge rat issue. We recently had a few come through the pipes in our toilet (like they physically tried to crawl out when I flushed – everyone’s worst nightmare). I’m at my wits end trying to find some sort of solution to this, or find anyone who has encountered this before. (more…)

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“Dear PoPville,

Maybe readers can help. I’m a gay guy. My best friend is a woman. We want to do a spa day together where we can get massages (separately) but hang out together in the hot tub, pool, communal areas (in bathing suits, obviously), maybe do spa lunch, etc.

I love the spa at the Mandarin Oriental, but the services are totally segregated by gender. Do readers have suggestions of good co-ed spas within an hour or so of DC? (Not looking for Spa World.)”

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“Dear PoPville,

We’ve recently moved out of a rental unit in a Columbie Heights row home. We’ve been just shy of harassing our property management company to respond to our inquires regarding the status of our security deposit. Our Property Manager has not responded to us in over a month and if he does not follow up within next few days we are conferring legal action. I’ve been looking up statutes and it looks like if he fails to notify or pay us within 45 days we can demand release of the entire amount of the security deposit, according to DC regulations. Here’s the relevant rule: (more…)

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“Dear PoPville,

While it is cool and damp today, we are going to have a weekend with temperatures in the 80s, and we are going to have temperatures well into the mid 70s for much of the next two weeks. However, our building is turning off the air conditioning today and turning on the heat by October 15 because DC code requires apartment heat turned on by that date. It is going to be absolutely sweltering in our apartments with the hot water running through our fan coil system, even with our individual in-unit fan blowers turned off.

Our building manager was very sympathetic, but said his hands were tied and that the DCRA was not issuing any waivers. This is a tremendous waste of resources to be running a heating system when it is not needed, not to mention the fact it will make our homes extremely uncomfortable for many days in the coming month. Given this unseasonably warm weather, you would think the DCRA would show some common sense and issue a delay for the date buildings must turn the heat on. However, common sense and DCRA are not always found in the same sentence.”

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“Dear PoPville,

I live on Capitol Hill and typically bike or take the Metro to work in Dupont Circle. On the rare occasion that I need to drive, I take my chances and park in the neighborhood around my office, which is in a different parking zone than my car is registered. I have gotten tickets a few times and promptly pay them, but I’ve noticed that they now list the number of offenses in the notes (I’m up to 3rd). My question for the commentariat is this: am I in jeopardy of getting my car towed now that I have multiple offenses and they’re clearly keeping track? If I pay my fines well before they’re due, the number of times I get ticketed shouldn’t matter, right?”

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“Dear PoPville,

I live along 17th Street in Dupont and love how dog-friendly the neighborhood is and that so many establishments allow dogs in shops or on their patios.

However, there are a couple of folks in our neighborhood with dogs that “aren’t friendly” who still insist on bringing them along to sit on the sidewalk while they dine outside. More than once, unprovoked, I’ve had the same dog lunge, barking hysterically and snapping at myself and my dog. The owner berated me for letting my dog get close to hers, although her dog was lying in the middle of the sidewalk. Another time, I saw a woman bend down to greet a different dog at the same restaurant, and the dog snapped and bit her finger so hard that she was bleeding. (more…)

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Ed. Note: In June we spoke about a similar issue at Banneker Pool on Georgia Ave.

“Dear PoPville,

While I’m not generally supportive of private swim clubs renting out DC public pools (pretty tough to watch the elderly, pregnant women, and children forced to leave the public pool for a group of adults – many not even living in DC), I can understand the argument that the private rentals cater to a particular segment of the swimming market and draw some revenue. However, at Dunbar, they are now taking over, with rental times dead square in the middle of the public evening swim times through the work week (Dunbar is closed Tuesday and Thursday).

Four weeks ago, Dunbar public swimmers were informed that they would lose 30 minutes of public swim on Wednesday nights to a private swim club that had moved its hours from 7:30-9:00PM to 7:00-8:30PM. I wrote DC Parks and Recreation noting that this change essentially gave the private swim club a free half hour (the pool closes at 9PM and no one will go to the pool at 8:30PM for a 30 min swim) and asked for an explanation of the decision. It took 26 days and multiple emails to city council members to get a response (which explained teh decisions as “seemed negligible”).

But it gets worse (more…)

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“Dear PoPville,

I’ve lived in an apartment building in Logan Circle for a little over one year. The front door to the building is secured with a deadbolt, and my apartment is secured with a deadbolt and doorknob lock (different key from the building front door).

I came home Sunday night after being gone for 48 hours to find my apartment totally ransacked—-every drawer was turned inside out; sheets ripped off my bed; mattress flipped; boxes of personal notes, photos, etc. turned over. Incredibly, nothing was taken except my work laptop and an old iPad. At this time it’s a mystery as to how someone unlocked my apartment, turned it inside out, and neglected to take any other visible valuables (jewelry, electronics, medication, personal macbook, TV, etc. were not touched)…and then the thief locked the door on their way out.

The police made a report and recommended that I change the locks, and they’re following up with the management company for security footage.

Here’s the catch: (more…)

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“Dear PoPville,

I had a really bothersome experience. I was out walking my dog in the navy yard area, the part where all the row houses are. I noticed about 4 teenager-ish kids hanging out at corner and they began to disperse as I was walking up the block. I wasn’t paying attention and had my earphones in, and I didn’t hear them say anything to me until I was past them, and so when I finally noticed that one of them had said excuse me and was trying to get my attention. At this point all four – two on a bike and two on foot – had come back to talk to me (they had made it like halfway across the street. I took my earphones out and this is the story they told me:

They said they saw a car hit a dog, stop, pick up the dog and put it in the public trash can on the corner of the block. They said they got the guys tag numbers and that some lady had already reported it and that they were trying to find out whose dog it was. They asked if I lived around here and said that I should look and see if I know the dog. (more…)


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