From MPD:

“Alert: Shooting Investigation at 2258 hours at 14th Street and Randolph Street NW. Lookout for B/M 5’6″ wearing black shirt with gray pants.”

“Alert: Shooting Investigation in the 600 Block of Bryant St NW. Lookout a possible white SUV last seen S/B on Georgia Ave., NW.

The Third District is currently investigating a shooting at 6th and W street NWRead More

700 Yuma Street, SE, Ferebee-Hope Redevelopment Project via Kipp DC.

From the Nationals:

“The, Washington Nationals Philanthropies announced that development has begun on the organization’s fourth Legacy Field carrying the name of a current or former Washington Nationals player. The project, supported in part through financial contributions from Max and Erica Scherzer, is located in a community hub in the Ward 8 neighborhood of Washington Highlands. It will serve as one piece of a redevelopment project that will transform the Ferebee-Hope site into a multi-use education and recreation complex that will feature a new high school, indoor recreation center, and extensive outdoor spaces including a baseball diamond, football field, basketball court, community garden, and playground. The 66,500 square-foot field, scheduled to open in spring 2022, will feature a turf surface for year-round durability and adjustable bases allowing for 60-foot, 70-foot, and 90-foot base path configurations. Read More


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