Washington, DC

“Fake In-N-Out”

Thanks to Jordan for sending yesterday: “Not affiliated with the real company. Trying to pass off as the real thing.

So sad.”

Anyone actually try it?

From Dalton: “I can 1000% confirm that it is not real In-N-Out. Not sure how they haven’t gotten busted for false advertising yet. My wife and I ate it this past Sunday and that’s the first time we’ve seen the truck- we aren’t down by the mall too often though. Their advertising signs are pretty legit and they also claim to have animal fries…”


Caption Contest!!

Thanks to Daniel for sending this magnificent capture from AU Park yesterday. It’s been a minute since we’ve had a caption contest and I can think of no better photo to resume than this one. And I’ve got some new shirts to the winner and runner up get one! Your captions in the comments and I’m thinking you can pick up at our next happy hour in late June if the world stays on the rails!! Stay tuned for more on that front.


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