Washington, DC

Thanks to Ashley for sending yesterday: “People are selling hand sanitizer in front of the Walmart on Riggs Road.”

In happier sanitizer news – from the Mayor’s office:

“Mayor Muriel Bowser announced that District Government has commissioned 2,000 gallons of hand sanitizer from Republic Restoratives Distillery and Compass Coffee (1,000 each) as part of the District’s response to the coronavirus (COVID-19). The new supply of hand sanitizer will be allocated to the District’s frontline workers, including first responders, health workers, and critical government personnel leaving their homes every day to serve their neighbors. The Bowser Administration is pursuing additional orders of sanitizer from other local businesses. Read More


Thanks to a Madleine for sending from the Argyle Deli (3220 17th Street, NW) in Mount Pleasant:

“Argyle Deli in Mt. Pleasant offering Covid 19 Combo: Any sandwich and TP pack for $1 extra. (Kudos to argyle for making TP cheap and also limiting each customer to one pack to limit hoarding!)”


“Dear PoPville,

So I was unable to get medication/items from Amazon delivered this morning, FedEx said that they had been sent away. I was very confused about this until I went to my apartment door and found this sign. Is this even legal? Is this something that is going around do you see? I’m so confused, we’re being told to stay at our houses and stay inside. But my complex is blocking that.”


Thanks to Aaron for sending: “Happy St Patrick’s Day from Elsa, Adams-Morgan”

Tonight I shall let the gin rest and pour a cup of Powers and toast to the sick to heal quickly, to the medical staff for being on the front lines, to the emergency responders keeping us safe, to the sanitation workers who always work through it all, to the grocery store and other retail workers keeping us stocked despite our fears, to our friends who’ve lost their jobs – letting them know they will not be forgotten and letting the powers that be know that they must be taken care of until we get back to normal, and to our family and loved ones may we all be safe and celebrate properly next year at the pub. Sláinte and L’Chaim! Read More


Thanks to Leo for sending last night: “MPD guarding a delivery of supplies to CVS in Upper NW DC. At least three cops – sad reflection on how people are behaving. Looked like some prescription medications but mostly your standard CVS supplies from Motrin to soap to razors. People were patiently and politely waiting for the supplies to be unloaded/stocked, but I heard the delivery guy telling the cops that last time, people were grabbing goods straight from the truck.”


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