Washington, DC

829 Upshur Street, NW

Petworth Citizen announced they are closing on their Facebook last night:

“Change is coming!

Join us for our final two weeks. We close on February 1 to make way for the next exciting project.

We’ll be sad to say goodbye. Come and have a drink with us!”

They link to a Petworth News story that says:

“The space occupied currently by Citizen at 829 Upshur will be merged with the space at 827 Upshur held by Loyalty Bookstore, owned by Hannah Oliver Depp. The two spaces will be combined into a larger restaurant / bar/ bookstore.”

Petworth Citizen opened in the former Island Cafe space back in September 2013. When they first opened they played a huge role in the gentrification/revitalization of Upshur Street and Petworth in general. Upshur Street Books rebranded under new ownership as the Loyalty bookstore in February 2019. Stay tuned.

Back in the day: Read More


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From MPD:

“On January 15, 2020, members of the Fourth District executed a search warrant in the 300 block of Delafield Place, NW. As a result of the warrant, the officers made nine arrests, recovered five semi-automatic firearms, seized narcotics, and US currency.

If you have any information regarding illegal firearms inside of the District of Columbia, contact the Metropolitan Police Department at 202-727-9099.”


3628 Georgia Ave, NW

Oof, this one hurts. Thank God for Looking Glass Lounge (a few doors down) but this was a truly great spot. Enjoy them and their hugely popular “buy one get one” for the next few months.

From the owners of DC Reynolds, one of the consistently best bars in D.C.:

“Our lease is up and as per usual landlord expectations for rent surpass what we’re comfortable with.

April 2020 will be the end of the run for DC Reynolds. Since March 17th 2012 we’ve opened our doors every single day to our neighbors, friends, and industry colleagues. Read More


“Dear PoPville,

Here’s an old mystery for a new year. I’ve lived in what is technically “university heights” for 7+ years, and walk down the hill to Petworth regularly. And frequently, but without discernible regularity, there is a smashed coconut on the intersection of Harewood and Rock Creek Church Road. Just in front of the cemetery gate but in the road. Just one coconut. And usually not a whole one. Read More


821 Upshur Street, NW

The Washington Post reported the awfulness that’s been happening at Taqueria Del Barrio:

“D.C. police are investigating after a restaurant owner in Petworth reported receiving dozens of phone calls, some threatening to “kill the staff,” which the owner believes are tied to a monthly drag queen brunch and a separate drag trivia night.

Most of the comments were homophobic in nature, Bran-Leis said, noting that her staff members are nearly all part of the LGBTQ community. She said the calls came from four different phones with different voices, some of whom said “they were going to burn down the restaurant and kill the staff.”

As we showered Comet Ping Pong with love in their time of need, I say we do the same for Taqueria Del Barrio. Let us show them the power of love. Have a look at their menu here and plan a visit soon!


same model of safe

From Qualia:

“We had a theft at Qualia over the weekend sometime Saturday night or Sunday morning. Our safe with cash and documents was taken. This is a heavy commercial safe, around hundred pounds, it’s a solid metal box about 20X15X15 inches, with a red painted drop drawer in the front, a spin dial combo lock. I don’t have much hope of recovering the cash, but I figure they will eventually dump it somewhere and they won’t have use for the documents. Just asking our neighbors to keep an eye out.” Read More


From MPD:

“Alert: Stabbing Investigation 3800 block Georgia Avenue NW. Lookout for: B/M dreadlocks and wearing all black. DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911″

A reader reports at 8:35pm:

“a guy was unconscious , laying in the safeway entrance, head wrapped, bloodied”

Another reader reported:

“Heard screams, saw people running, & run into a poor kid who has been stabbed multiple times in the head & is begging for help. Stayed w/ lots of others until police came.”

Updates when more is known.


Kids will be kids but lately, there’s been enough real crime in the area (Petworth). By the police officer not stopping, there’s a lost opportunity to educate. The officer, by default a representative of our community, is clearly sending a message that this sort of behavior is condoned or something that can be gotten away with. Read More


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