14th Street NW, between Decatur and Buchanan Streets via WMATA


“Major step in advancing the Board’s recently adopted goal of transitioning to a fully zero-emission bus fleet by 2045

Metro announced that it will build its first all-electric bus garage, with infrastructure and equipment needed to run 100% electric vehicles, at the Northern Bus Garage in Northwest Washington, D.C. Construction of the operations and maintenance facility is expected to take four years once all approvals are received, and will open with a mix of the current Metrobus fleet and new battery-electric vehicles, transitioning to 100% electric as Metrobus’ electric bus fleet expands. Read More


Thanks to Steve for sending:

“Came across this guy bravely directing bicycle traffic on Beach Dr. Returned him to the creek, I think he was happier there. Who knew there were crawdads in Rock Creek?”

Hmm, not our first Crayfish sighting but this one seems a bit more natural. Anyone know/can confirm crayfish are native to Rock Creek?

If you spot a hawk or any interesting wildlife and get a good photo please send in an email where you spotted it to [email protected]. Thanks! Hawks around Town is made possible by a generous grant from the Ben and Sylvia Gardner foundation.


“Dear PoPville,

Last year I noticed my knockout roses acting really weird. Hard to describe. But they looked almost… furry? The leaves started to get really narrow and there were a bunch more of them than normal. They just looked really shaggy. So I asked some gardening friends and they said that my roses had a virus called Rose Rosette Disease, possibly spread by mites, and that I needed to immediately dig up the plant by the roots and kill it before it spread. I did, but then I started noticing just how wide spread the disease was around town. DC has always loved its roses, they’re everywhere, and every knockout rose I saw had the same disease. Read More


Photo by Miki Jourdan

From DOEE:

“The Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) joins federal and state fish and wildlife agencies in banning the sale–and ordering the proper disposal of–live “moss ball” aquarium plants, which may be infested with invasive zebra mussels. The moss balls are often sold under names such as “Betta Buddy Marimo Balls” or “Mini Marimo Moss Balls” and may be included with the purchase of betta fish.

The zebra mussel is a small, freshwater, bivalve species of mollusk native to Eurasia. Classified as an aquatic invasive species, zebra mussels are impossible to eradicate once a colony is established, thus causing irreparable damage to habitats and ecosystems critical to the survival of native species.

Consumers are not to purchase aquarium moss balls and are required to safely dispose of recently purchased moss balls using biological guidelines and industry-accepted best management practices.


To ensure all life stages of this invasive species are destroyed, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service advises anyone who has recently purchased moss balls to follow these guidelines (ensuring that your chosen disposal method meets local state laws and animal welfare regulations).

DESTROY in one of three ways: Read More


Old campaign signs?

“Dear PoPville,

Now that the *DC* election results are in, I’m wondering if there is a coordinated drop-off point for folks to recycle signs and/or metal stakes. A quick search online shows that the city did something like this in 2008, but has there been anything announced for 2020? I have a few signs in my yard, as do many of my neighbors.”


Don’t do this

From Zero Waste DC:

“Despite being healthy and nutritious, only about one-fifth of the pumpkins grown each fall end up eaten. But pumpkins have a life after Halloween! Don’t waste them. Turn them into something useful without adding to the waste stream.

The Department of Public Works’ Food Waste Drop-off Program is teaming up with local food charities and organizations to recover leftover pumpkins for composting. Beginning Saturdays, October 31 through November 14; Sundays November 1 through November 15 and Wednesdays November 4 through November 18, residents can bring their leftover pumpkins and jack-o’-lanterns to participating farmers’ markets throughout the District.

Together, we can reduce food waste and help create a greener future for our city! Read More


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