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1108 U Street, NW photos courtesy Yasi Farazad Photography

From an email:

The mural is of the late Mahsa Amini and pays tribute to the Woman Life Freedom movement. Purpose of the mural is to help bring awareness to the revolution taking place in Iran and to help amplify the voices of silenced voices of the Iranian people. Weekly peaceful protests have been taking place in DC in support of this movement for the past 17 weeks.

The mural was painted by Rodrigo Pradel who is a prominent street artist. Rodrigo has another mural a couple blocks near 14th & U. Read More

“Dear PoPville,

Wondering if we can find out any information on how the community can help, if it can be cleaned up or repainted, and if there would be a GoFundMe or the like to help with restoring it? Some places are fine to graffiti up, but over an artwork mural like this is definitely not appropriate.”

Ed. Note: The mural has been in this condition since July. At that time the Woodley Park Main Street wrote: Read More


Interesting Placement

15th and U Street, NW

Incidentally, I keep forgetting to post that Shangri-la Day Spa has been closed for many months now.

I suppose sometimes a for lease sign is just a for lease sign but somebody more clever than I should come up with a good caption contest – go! Read More


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