Washington, DC

212 7th Street, SE Photo by Thea Cohen

Udpate, thanks to Eat DC for passing on from ANC Rep Corey Holman:

Harvest Tide Steak House coming to old Acqua al 2 space at 212 7th Street SE. ABRA process starting (Will likely be at ANC 6B’s Booze Committee on June 3)”

Thea writes this morning: “They are repainting the “LOVE” mural on Aqcua al 2! And the boards are off the windows! Does anybody know what’s going on?” Read More


Photo by Olaf Zerbock

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Photo by JLD

Update from DC Water: “Our guess was it might be a combined sewer outfall. The experts say it is not.
It’s a separate storm sewer that discharges to an open channel that flows to the Northwest Branch of the Anacostia River.”

“Dear PoPville,

was running up Gallatin near 14th St NE near Fort Circle Parks. Saw this neat looking water or garbage management contraption at a creek outlet that flows into the Anacostia River. Do you know the name of this secret buried creek in the Queens Chapel Neighborhood?” Read More


*not posting it because F them

A reader requests we find the find the original artist so they can repair the damage. Anyone know/have contact info for the artist who did this mural?

“It is under the 695 highway in Capitol Hill next to Garfield Park. It was Bernie as recently as Sunday afternoon, and as of yesterday was still defaced.”


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