Washington, DC

5th and N Street, NW

Multiple readers have reported about this unsettling situation the last few days (and weeks.) You can follow @PoPville on twitter if interested in getting the real time reports. From Sunday night and Monday night:

“I was walking by N and 5th St NW and heard 20-25 gunshots/fireworks. Anyone else hear or see anything?”

“another round, in the exact [email protected] spot as last night at least 20 shots on the street. Sirens approaching, happened about 2 minutes ago. Any news??”

“Gunshots. Cops are on site now and chopper is circling. Second shooting at 5th & N this week – other was Thursday night”

ANC Rep Rachelle Nigro wrote on IG: “6E04! Update on the shots fired on the 400 block of N St. The detectives are still on the scene. Bullets went into homes across from the Cooperative and into cars. Again luckily no one was injured or killed.”

Another reader reports via email:

“The last two nights have seen drive-by shootings into a housing complex’s parking lot. Given how many shots were fired (maybe 18 tonight, more than (dozens?) last night, it’s a miracle that apparently no one was hurt – last night there was a Labor Day weekend barbecue taking place right next to the crime scene but people were able to scramble to safety (at least the ones who didn’t – according to my neighbors – run after the getaway car yelling at the perpetrators!)

Links to the videos from my security camera: Read More


via google maps

A reader reported around 10:15pm Saturday night: “someone was just shot at Bates and N Cap NW. They loaded the guy in the ambulance but seem uncertain about his prognosis”

From MPD:

“The Third District is currently investigating a shooting in the area of North Capitol Street and Bates Street NW. An adult male has been transported to an area hospital with critical injuries.

Anyone with information is asked to call 202-727-9099.”

Full release from MPD:

“Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Branch are investigating a homicide that occurred on Saturday, August 29, 2020, in the unit block of Florida Avenue, Northwest. Read More


300 Florida Ave, NW

Thanks to Stephanie, “I love the staff there and really appreciate all the details and quick response they provided to the public.”, for passing on the post from ANXO:

“Yesterday afternoon an employee at our Florida Avenue location tested positive for COVID-19. The employee is asymptomatic and continues to feel well but is at home in quarantine. We were planning on closing the Florida location yesterday due to weather anyway, so we announced that closure while attending to the important task at hand.

All of our employees and owners that work out of the Florida Avenue location reported immediately to testing sites. They have all been tested and are now in quarantine while awaiting their results. We care greatly about their well-being and are in frequent communication with them about their needs. So far, no one is showing symptoms. Our employees will be paid to stay home for as long as is needed to ensure safety for all. Read More


251 Florida Ave., NW courtesy Truxton Inn

From a press release:

“Truxton Inn reopens on Wednesday, July 8th, 2020 after being closed since March 15th. To start, only the patio will be open to guests, and operating hours will be 5pm-9pm Wednesday-Friday and 2pm-8pm Saturday and Sunday. In compliance with DC Health and ABRA, at the minimum: face-coverings are required of guests except when eating and drinking, tables are limited to 6 guests, and at least one food item must be ordered per table. Read More


“Dear PoPville,

This morning I took my dog out and noticed a couple penny’s on our front stoop. We checked the security camera from last night and it captured this person who stopped and abruptly threw penny’s onto our stoop. Were we marked by some bizarre penny cult? I’d be curious what stories Popville readers might come up with for why this happened. These are weird times.”


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