Washington, DC

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“Dear PoPville,

We just moved to Kingman Park and sometimes hear bells ringing over here. Just a couple minutes ago (Sunday morning, shortly before 10:30 am), we heard some hymn from somewhere northwest of us. Any idea which church that is coming from? Just heard them again over lunch. It reminds me of growing up right next to a church and during a time when I can’t visit home, hearing these bells makes me so happy.

Cheers from Kingman Park!”


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From MPD:

“Last night at approximately 2230 hours, members of the Fifth District Crime Suppression Team (CST) were conducting operations in the 1500 block of F Street, NE. Officers observed a group of individuals who they attempted to contact, and one of the group fled on foot at the sight of police. That person was stopped shortly thereafter, and was found to be in possession of Glock 26 .9mm semi-automatic handgun. The firearm was equipped with an extended magazine capable of holding 30 rounds of ammunition, Read More


A reader reports: “Just want to warn folks about a group of young males (maybe 10-12) on JUMP Bikes accosting people South of H ST NE & West of Kingsman Park. I was driving Tuesday (3/17) down 14th ST NE when I came to the stop sign (F ST NE) where they were stopped on the corner at 3:34pm. My window was rolled down and one of the kids yelled “THE F*** YOU LOOKING AT” then punched me in the face. Filed a police report but MPD said these guys have been wreaking havoc all week. If everyone could keep an eye out & stay safe out there!”


15th and D Street, NE

Gogi Yogi, Iron Age (soon) and add one more to the list of new Korean BBQ spots – Manna!

Thanks to Dan (and Barred in DC) for sending:

“The generic District Bowls is (thankfully) gone before it even opened. Korean BBQ and lunchbox place supposedly opening soon in the old Far East Taco spot!”

Ed. Note: This was also previously and briefly home to K Burger, hopefully this ride lasts longer.

Manna’s website says:

“Manna Dosirak is the casual Korean food joint located in Washington, DC. Its deep and authentic taste of Korean food comes for the owner who has been in this field over 30 years. Always use fresh ingredients to bring the best of Korean food to our valued customer always.”

The food looks amazing: Read More


“Dear PoPville,

I am interested to know if any of your readers have suggestions on how to handle a situation. We have a developer in our neighborhood (Kingman Park) who came in and flipped a house on only two postcard permits. This includes adding two full bathrooms, an HVAC, moving the main plumbing line and shifting the entire kitchen, moving the electrical, gas, and plumbing. After complaining to DCRA for almost a month, during which time the house was actually listed on the market/came under contract, the city finally issued a Stop Work Order.

DCRA assured us that the realtor would have to make the Stop Work Order known to the new potential buyer, but honestly we are not sure. Since the order has been put on the house, the developer has covered the windows and started doing work again inside the house. Read More


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