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This is my absolute favorite contest that I get to be a judge at. I was put on this earth to judge this contest – oh man these are good. OK:

“5th Annual Battle of the Barrel-Aged Beer
Tuesday 5 PM – 9 PM
Boundary Stone DC
116 Rhode Island Ave NW
Tickets here.

Each ticket includes a four ounce taster of each beer and a vote in the contest. (more…)

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1839 7th Street, NW

Whoa. Thanks to Julia (and others) for sending. Julia saw these signs posted around 7:30pm Friday night: “Wubalubadub pub pop-up in Shaw shut down for an emergency.”

Drink Company Facebook says:

“Wubba Lubba Dub PUB was designed by fans for fans, though we think everyone would have enjoyed it. It was a labor of love and included hand sewn Meeseeks from our CEO Angie’s mother; graffiti work by an incredible artist; a 25-foot Ruben cut out by our Special Projects Director, hockey-referee-turned-craftsman Matt Fox; and deep references to a show that has made us all laugh out loud and confront the deeper meaning behind the gags. In a word, we are fans geeking out.

Turner Broadcasting/Cartoon Network wasn’t willing to let us do that and demanded we shut down. We then reached an agreement, and thus delayed for a week, but they changed their minds, threatened us with exorbitant fees and then took everything off the table today and refused to talk any further. (more…)

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5501 14th Street, NW

And I, I shall be drinking copiously. So if you want to know how I really feel about Futsal and other hot topics be sure to stop on by!! Seriously, always a good chill time. Details here at the Facebook event page but basically 6:30-9:30pm (ish) upstairs. I’ll be wearing a red Caps hat and a coolest Pet in PoPville 2009 t-shirt (with Dre on the back, still the coolest.) And if I owe you a shirt or you’ve been looking for one, I’ll bring plenty for you to pick up then. Hope to see some new and old faces tomorrow – cheers!


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Last Dance at Town from Ben Carver on Vimeo.

From Benjamin Carver:

“Town danceboutique closed its doors after 10 years as a hub for the Washington DC LGBT community. More than a place to dance, it was a social and event space for expansive community interests, a refuge where gay people embraced and developed their identities and a laboratory for creative expression. It is where we came out, had our first kiss, lamented our heartbreaks, celebrated our successes, and felt less alone, all under the disco ball. (more…)

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1016 H Street, NE

Ed. Note: Long loved Liberty Tree closed on H Street, NE back in October 2017.

On July 30th we wrote Duffy’s Moving to H Street, NE!!?! Maybe? Well, no maybes about it anymore. Duffy’s writes on their Facebook page:

“Duffy’s Irish Pub is Moving!

After over 12 years of serving the neighborhood, Duffy’s will be moving to a new location. As many have already heard, our current building is slated for new development, and we are locking the doors and drinking all the whiskey some time in Sep 2018. [Ed. Note: DCist reports that the last day for the old spot will be September 15.]

Our new address will be 1016 H St., NE, and we look forward to serving you there. (more…)

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Wondy’s Big 14th Birthday!

Sunday at 6 PM – 2 AM
The Wonderland Ballroom
1101 Kenyon St NW

Time flies quickly when you spend it swimming in streams of whiskey!

The Wonderland Ballroom’s core mission of coarsening the culture and greasing DC’s gears with beer continues into its fourteenth year this Sunday. What started as the ugly duckling of 11th Street has blossomed into an even uglier, drunker duck. (more…)

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11th and U Street, NW

I also like the new Jackie Lee’s on Kennedy Street. Having said all that, I understand as a District of over 700,000 folks there will be varied tastes. As such, whatever floats your boats my friends, whatever floats your boats. Truly! Without further ado from a press release:

“Drink Company pays homage to ‘Rick and Morty’ with new Wubba Lubba Dub PUB launching August 9

HOURS: Sunday through Thursday, 5pm to 12:30am; Friday and Saturday, 5pm to 1:30am.

LOCATION: 1839 7th Street NW

DETAILS: Wubba Lubba Dub PUB will be open August 9 through October 6. Guests must be 21 or over to visit. Cocktails are priced at Six and a half Brapples ($12) to $14 each.

“Pickle Rick Back” (Karlin Villondo Photography)

The team that brought you Game of Thrones PUB last summer is going multi-dimensional with an homage to another TV favorite: Rick and Morty. Drink Company’s Wubba Lubba Dub PUB (1839 7th Street NW) features a fully immersive experience across all three adjacent Drink Company bars and will run Thursday, August 9 through Saturday, October 6. (more…)


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