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Readers reported around 2:15am: “Did anyone in Columbia heights hear about 8 gunshots in a row?”

“YES.” “Ugh, yes.” “Sounds like a full clip to me (heard from 15th and Euclid St, NW)” “Yes, woke my gf and I up.”

“I called 911 for the 2:15 shooting, the dispatcher was clearly annoyed that I didn’t run to my window in the middle of a shooting to see if I could get any other details, and then I never saw any sign of the police.”


“FWIW, I heard what sounded exactly like two gun shots this morning at 4:05 am; we live in the 2700 block of Woodley Place NW (very close to the elevator for the Woodley Park metro). The apparent gun shots and subsequent laughter were captured on our security camera, but it didn’t show any actual suspicious activity.) I called it in to 911 immediately.

This is the second time we’ve heard gun shots in the last few months at our house. The last time was the incident during Zoo Lights.”


“Dear PoPville,

Early this morning, around 8 am, I was walking my dog down U Street (near the intersection of Vermont Avenue). A guy walking in front of me slowed down, turned around and said good morning. He was very polite. I responded back, saying good morning. At that point, he reared back his leg and kicked my dog in the side, yelling expletives and shouting that “this is not a dog park!”. I responded by shouting back at him, but as he approached me, I realized engaging with him probably was not smart as I did not know what he was capable of or if he had a weapon. I turned around and walked away and he followed me, continuing to scream at me and my dog. As I tried to get away, I realized this was the habitual “dog kicker” that people talk about here on PoPville, so I figured it was best to get the police involved. Read More


“Dear PoPville,

Not all heroes wear capes. I ordered way too many Girl Scout cookies from my niece so that I could feed my entire office and also help my niece reach her cookie sale goals. The unmarked box had not even been outside my door for more than 5 minutes before a porch pirate came by. If it wasn’t for this hero who literally stopped to get out of his vehicle and prevent the theft, the box would have been stolen. I was way too confused when I came outside to understand what happened. Be on the lookout for the thief. And if you know the HERO, please let me know so I can give him proper thanks. [video of incident here.]”


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From MPD (and thanks to all who messaged us):

“Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Branch are investigating a homicide that occurred on Saturday, February 15, 2020, in the 100 block of N Street, Northwest.

At approximately 5:59 pm, members of the Third District responded to the listed location for the report of a shooting. Upon arrival, officers located an adult male suffering from a gunshot wound. DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services transported the victim to a local hospital. After all life-saving efforts failed, the victim was pronounced dead.

The decedent has been identified as 34 year-old Eugene Isaac, Jr., of no fixed address. Read More


1722 14th Street, NW

Update from The Outrage:

“This is our third incident of vandalism in the last 3 months. We have adequate security measures in place and have promising leads on the suspects as we’re catching them on camera.

For those that don’t know us, The Outrage is a hub for activism — 100% of our retail sales are donated to progressive partner organizations or subsidize our community space. We’ve been an official partner for every major social movement since 2016 (think Women’s March, March For Our Lives, etc). We pride ourselves on holding space for progressive issues that uplift the most marginalized communities. For us, these types of attacks only highlight the need to keep doing the work. You can break our windows every day, but we’ll keep opening our doors.

We’re still open and need our community’s support now more than ever. If you want unapologetically progressive spaces like The Outrage to exist in the world, please stop by or sign up to be a member today. You can find membership applications here.

In community,

Sophie reports: Read More


14th and V Street, NW

Amy reported around 6:30pm:

“Two people were picked up by ambluences– one had stumbled down the street, and there is now a lot of blood in the bikelane. When they picked up the one who stumbled down he was no longer moving. The other was in the crosswalk and looked like he had been hit in the leg.”

From MPD:

“The Third District is currently investigating a double shooting in the 2000 block of 14th Street NW. Two adult males have been transported to area hospitals with gunshot wounds.

Motorists and pedestrians can expect road closures in the area as we investigate.

Anyone with information is asked to call 202-727-9099.”


Oof. Thanks to Beth for sending: “Carroll Ave in Takoma DC, right in front of Takoma Central and Yoga District, across the street from Starbucks. I was surprised to see a tire theft on a main street, but this area is very quiet overnight. And these thieves move fast. I spoke with the car’s driver. It’s a rental – she just moved to DC from NYC yesterday.”

It had been 7 days since our last stolen wheels report.


“Dear PoPville,

I live at 1st and R St. NW near Big Bear Cafe in Bloomingdale. was awakened at 2:44am this morning by an unusually loud, low-flying helicopter. It seemed to be making repeated passes right over our house in intervals of about 30 seconds (i.e. never straying far from directly overhead. Objects on shelves and nightstand and walls in my room were rattling when the helicopter passed over our house. This lasted for quite some time — approximately 20 minutes. Any idea what was going on?”

A few folks also inquired @PoPville on twitter and Alan found from US Park Police that: “The Eagle was assisting MPD with a critical missing 70 y.o. with dementia.”


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