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A reader reports: “another drive by shooting on Kennedy and Illinois yesterday night (5400 block of Illinois Ave NW) – the 3rd in a month. This was around 9.30 pm. Numerous shots fired – 2 cars (one had 3 bullets, and one had 1) got hit.”

A reader reported: “8 or so shots around 3:55pm today on 15th St SE between Mass and C. Bunch of shell casing on the street. Very loud and scary!”

Another reader reported: “Children were put in lockdown after multiple gunshots were fired early afternoon on 6/27. One of the bullets struck the daycare facility.

From MPD: Read More

12:21am 800 block of Quincy StreetPlace, NW

From MPD:

“Alert: Shooting Investigation in the 800 block of Quincy Place Street, NW.”

800 block of Quincy Street, NW

“drive by shooting last night that hit 3 people”

and Read More

C. reports Sunday: “This morning I discovered someone shot up my car! MPD placed a business card on my window and a handwritten note: “Destruction of property and illegal use of a firearm.”

Happened on the corner of Georgia Ave and Madison Street, NW.”

And Nils sends a more tradition helluva way to wake up from Eckington: Read More

via google maps

Freddy reported at 6:39pm Sunday: “Fairy certain we just heard 15-25 rounds go off in 16th street heights. AS350 overhead and MPD nearby..”

From MPD Sunday:

“The Fourth District is on the scene of a confirmed shooting in the 900 block of Ingraham Street NW. (2) juvenile male victims were both found suffering from gunshots and transported to local hospitals for treatment. Read More


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