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14th and Buchanan St, NW

Thanks to Corinne for passing on the GoFundMe for Gedera Market:

“Hi my name is wendim I am fundraising for Ethiopian family who has these business for a long time and on July 4th their business caught on fire by fireworks thrown by unknown persons and now they lost all their asset and goodwill they have been working with. So I am asking anyone can do what ever you can to support and rebuild their business back..”

“Dear PoPville,

I have some neighbors who operate a junk hauling business from their house. They regularly park 2 beat-up pickup trucks filled with junk on our street. It’s annoying to look at and they take up lots of space but I’m not sure much can be done about that. Our street is RPP zoned for 2hr parking M-F.

Now however, they have procured a large flatbed tow truck and have been parking it on the street as well. Read More


C. reports Sunday: “This morning I discovered someone shot up my car! MPD placed a business card on my window and a handwritten note: “Destruction of property and illegal use of a firearm.”

Happened on the corner of Georgia Ave and Madison Street, NW.”

And Nils sends a more tradition helluva way to wake up from Eckington: Read More


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