Thanks to Justin for passing on the GoFundMe for Stable’s Chef David Fritsche:

“Greetings. I am Dr. Matthew Antkowiak from AtlasVet on H St NE in Washington DC.

I am starting this Go Fund Me (my first!) for a friend of mine, Chef David Fritsche, whose restaurant, Stable is right next door to our clinic. Over the many years of our working next to each other, I have seen Chef David and his business partner, Silvan, bust their asses to make Stable one of the finest dining establishments on H ST and in all of NE. Like many restaurants, they have had to fight the pandemic, rising crime, ever changing DC restaurant regulations and they have done so by basically by living at their restaurant and producing a consistently amazing product. They are also two of the friendliest dudes you could ever meet.

Unfortunately, Chef David has been beset by two life-altering events: Read More


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