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via GoFundMe

“Dear PoPville,

We found a very small baby fawn (could barely walk) next to her mother who was killed.

There was nobody in the DC area that would take her, she was due to be euthanized since her mom was dead. My fiance I an said absolutely not and took her to the closest rescue who would accept her, which was Friskys Wildlife Rehabilitation. They’re county, state, and federally licensed but since they’re a 501 (c) 3 Organization they don’t receive ANY funding. The estimated cost for the fawns care is $1,350 dollars for 4.5 months. I have all the paperwork for tax deductions, General info about the wildlife center, EVERYTHING. I would be willing to get it for anyone willing to help.

The people who own the rehab were a old husband and wife duo. So sweet and nice.

The baby fawn is #21935. Read More

“Petal to the Metal! By David Greenfieldboyce”

From the National Cherry Blossom Festival”

“The National Cherry Blossom Festival today announced the launch of an online auction to find permanent homes for five of its 26 Art in Bloom sculptures. The Art in Bloom Auction is open now at https://ArtinBloomNCBF.givesmart.com. Bidding will close at 11:59 p.m. ET on Tuesday, June 15. Proceeds from the sale of the sculptures will support National Cherry Blossom Festival programs. A portion will be contributed to the Trust for the National Mall’s Cherry Tree Endowment. Read More


Monet via GoFundMe

“Dear PoPville,

This is for a former colleague of my wife. She is really a wonderful young woman. The young woman was attacked after refusing a man’s advances, leaving her in the hospital with a broken jaw. She’s in between jobs with COBRA that won’t cover everything. She has filed a victims compensation claim with DC, but that has its limits as well. Any circulation and donation would help her. Thank you very much for considering.”

The GoFundMe says:

“On Wednesday, April 14th Monet told a man “No” and he attacked her, breaking her jaw in the process.

For anyone who knows Monet, she is not one to ask for help, only to offer it others. This GoFundMe is the help she needs right now. She is currently in the hospital, awaiting surgery to have her jaw put back together only to have it wired shut for the following 6 weeks.

The assault took place while Monet is in between jobs, literally set to start her new one in only a few weeks, and as a result she’s in between health insurance coverage. A 10 day hospital stay, surgery, and out patient care for the next 2 months… It’s not clear what will be covered by COBRA, but you know it won’t be enough.

As of 4/17, her bill already exceeds $8,000.

Please help reduce additional trauma by donating to help with her medical bills so she can get back to helping students and her family without the burden of debt.”

4224 Fessenden St NW

“Dear PoPville,

“Coffee Nature is a local coffee shop in Tenleytown/Friendship Heights. It’s owned by Joseph Oh and his family, and is truly a staple of the community. Joseph’s dream when moving to America was to start his own business, and he has certainly succeeded — transforming this space into a home away from home for many customers, with (pre-COVID) open mic nights, art displays, and seriously impressive latte art (and coffee quality!).

4224 Fessenden St NW via GoFundMe

Like many local businesses, Coffee Nature has struggled due to Covid, and Joseph is now far behind on rent for the shop and barely able to cover his home mortgage. Coffee Nature has had to close, and employees have been let go. A concerned customer created a GoFundMe. for neighbors to help support the shop during this time. Read More


via GoFundMe

Thanks to all for passing on the GoFundMe for Officer William “Billy” Evans’ children:

“On April 2, 2021, 18 year veteran United States Capitol Police Officer William Evans (Billy) paid the ultimate sacrifice while working his regular post outside the United States Capitol.

Billy was a loyal friend, loving son and brother, and above all, a beloved Dad. Billy’s two young children, Logan and Abigail, were his entire world. Read More

Brian Johnson via GoFundMe

The GoFundMe says:

“Brian was involved in a heartbreaking car accident on Easter Sunday in which he lost his life.He was a strong and caring brother with a big booming voice, loving partner to Myracle, and proud and dedicated father. The sudden loss has rocked his family to the core. He left behind his son and pregnant partner.

We are hoping that through the generosity of family and friends we can lessen the financial burden of this tragedy. A donation big or small will make a difference and also would be greatly appreciated.”

From MPD:

“Detectives with the Metropolitan Police Department’s Major Crash Investigations Unit are investigating a traffic fatality resulting from a traffic crash that occurred on Sunday, April 4, 2021, at the intersection of 14th Street and C Street, Northeast. Read More

Mohammad Anwar via GoFundMe

Thanks to all who passed on the GoFundMe for the family:

“Mohammad Anwar was a hard-working Pakistani immigrant who came to the United States to create a better life for him and his family. He was simply at work yesterday evening, providing for his family, when his life was tragically taken in an appalling act of violence. The details are still being investigated, however we know that Anwar was working on an UberEats delivery when two assailants attempted to carjack him in Navy Yard.

Anwar was a beloved husband, father, grandfather, uncle, and friend who always provided a smile when you needed one. He leaves behind a family, near and far, who cherish, love, and miss him dearly. Read More


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