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“Dear PoPville,

A dear friend of mine is in a custody battle for her daughter and needs our help. While our small but mighty community has been able to help in many ways, we just don’t have the resources to support the added costs of legal services. We are still far from our fundraising goal and she needs to replenish the retainer soon.

My hope with this effort is that we can bring the vast collective resources in our DC community to help this amazing mom and the tiny human she is raising with so much love and grace in this world.”

The GoFundMe says:

“One of the best humans we know needs our help. Because she is in the midst of a difficult custody dispute with her ex, this ask is a lifeline for a beloved who will need to remain anonymous for now.

Our dear friend fled the home she shared with her ex, to seek safety for herself and her 7-week-old child last year. Read More


A reader asks: “Can anyone share any opportunities for support, volunteering, or donations for Helping migrants bused from Texas and Arizona? I hope our region will do what we can to support these folks searching for a better life. I’d like to do my part but am not sure where to start.”

Here’s one but please add others in comments:

The GoFundMe says:

“Hi, my name is Katie and I am fundraising for a Venezuelan family of 4 that arrived in Washington, D.C. last week on a bus from Texas (see here for more information). The family is fleeing Venezuela’s violence, corruption, and extreme poverty, and plan to seek asylum here in the United States. They were dropped off on the curb of Union Station with a backpack and a desire to give their family a better life here in the U.S. Read More


14th and Buchanan St, NW

Thanks to Corinne for passing on the GoFundMe for Gedera Market:

“Hi my name is wendim I am fundraising for Ethiopian family who has these business for a long time and on July 4th their business caught on fire by fireworks thrown by unknown persons and now they lost all their asset and goodwill they have been working with. So I am asking anyone can do what ever you can to support and rebuild their business back..”

Joe Schinosi via GoFundMe

Very sad news readers have passed on from the Queen Vic:

“Some of you may have heard that our friend Joe Schinosi passed away earlier this week. Joe helped us open The Vic back in 2011 and was our friend long before then. His death has hit us hard and we are still struggling to process it so we don’t have the words right now. Joe’s funeral will be held on Friday August 12th at 10.30am at Holy Trinity Catholic Church. Please consider donating to help his family with the costs.”

via GoFundMe

“Dear PoPville,

A friend of mine (Esubalew McCarthy) who has worked in DC restaurants for over the past 10 years had a stroke in late June. Luckily, Esu is doing well, but also faced with mounting medical bills and will be out of work for an extended period of time.”

The GoFundMe says:

“Beloved Friends, Family, and Patrons, lend us your ears! ( and maybe some dough,)

One of our own recently has had a pretty serious health scare. While Esu is on a long road to recovery, he will need some help to cover his medical bills, personal necessities, and time away from work. We know how beneficial it is to have an extra bit of help, to reduce anxieties no one should have to live through while they recover. Read More


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