photo via US Botanic Garden

In other peak bloom news – from the US Botanic Garden: “We have two Amorphophallus villosus blooming! These cousins to the larger corpse flower Amorphophallus titanum are standing about 6 feet tall. And if you want to smell the famous stink, come on over! This morning they are giving out quite a stinky smell. This species is native to Vietnam. Read More


via National Mall NPS

From the National Park Service yesterday:

“Easing towards warmer weather, the cherry blossoms will feel the effects. With many of the Yoshino trees beginning to reveal their petals, we’re expecting peak bloom to arrive at the early side of our prediction (March 22-25) or a few days before.”



courtesy U.S. Botanic Garden

From the U.S. Botanic Garden:

“The 27th annual joint orchid exhibit between the United States Botanic Garden (USBG) and Smithsonian Gardens will be “Discover the World of Orchids,” on display in the USBG Conservatory from February 17 through April 30, 2023. The exhibit will share stories of the diversity of orchids and how technology advances their conservation. Read More


I definitely did a double take when I saw this tree (above) a few blocks from my house. Good news/timing from the National Park Service this morning:

“Stay calm, this is completely normal. This type of cherry tree (Prunus subhirtella var. autumnalis) regularly displays pink blossoms during warm periods in the fall & winter months. They’ll bloom again in the spring. See them on the Washington Monument grounds.” Read More


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