Washington, DC

Explore DC Cherry Blossom Map here

Thanks to Chelsey for the reminder about this awesome resource from Casey Trees:

“With another year of distancing required at the Tidal Basin, find cherry blossoms near your own neighborhood with our DC Cherry Blossom Map

What neighborhoods/blocks are your favorite to visit for blooming beauties?


Thanks to Nikki for sending last week: “Ume (plum blossoms) are in bloom at the Kennedy Center! The sakura (cherry blossoms) around the Tidal Basin are still budding but these beauties are a sight to behold and smell lovely. I didn’t know the difference between these two types of trees until researching why this little patch was in bloom so early. I thought I would share with anyone else who would like to take a walk to see them.” Read More


“Archbold Glover park blanketed by a carpet of flowers” from Daniel

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And I just thought the above was a wild one from SheriC “any of your followers know: Started slicing into a “need to be used” tomato this eve … and looks like seeds started to sprouts inside! Never seen anything like this. Can I plant it??”

Some more color: Read More


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