Thanks to SD for sending: “Last night around 10:15pm, came across this car that jumped the median and crashed into a pole–totally abandoned, no one inside. Pretty sure this is Rhode Island and Florida Ave, NW”

“Dear PoPville,

I (freshly-30 woman) had a mouth agape moment while driving into DC from the Bethesda area between 9 and 9:30am today (Tues, Aug 10). I looked in my rearview mirror at a red light and saw what I thought was a man looking at a notebook. As the light turned green, I realized it was in fact a man on. his. laptop. while. driving. I was so shocked that I switched lanes just so he could pull up next to me at the next light and I could confirm what I saw. He had the sense to at least look a little ashamed when we locked eyes. Read More


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