“People’s Book Opening in Takoma Park. Independent bookstore opening this Tuesday!”

From an email:

People’s Book is excited to announce its launch this Tuesday, June 27th in the heart of Takoma Park at 7014-A Westmoreland Ave. The store has a diverse selection of over 12,000 books, with a special focus on childrens’ literature, local interests, new releases and independent magazines. The inventory also includes book-themed gifts, locally roasted drip coffee, kombucha, and other beverages and treats. A grand opening celebration will be announced at a later date. Read More


7006 Carroll Ave

Thanks to Beth for passing on from the Old Takoma Business Association:

Letter from Mark Choe, owner of Mark’s Kitchen, as he closes the doors after 32 years:

To My Friends in Takoma Park and Beyond,

Even at night, when I’m alone sweeping the dust from beneath the tables, I never feel that the restaurant is empty. I see children’s feet swing, with the knowledge that time will bring their toes closer to the floor, closer then, to boundless futures. I see laborers rushing bites in-between shifts, long-estranged relatives in leisurely conversation, and lovers young and old renewing their mutual mastery. I see a million faces or more, and yet it all strikes me as one, a great social organism which I have nurtured as my own these past thirty-two years. Read More


Thanks to Jackie for sharing:

“Omg this is awesome! If you have to get your vehicle emissions inspected I would recommend the kiosk at 300 Van Buren Street, NW. Definitely faster than the station near Nats Stadium. Just manually enter the VIN and the whole process is 10 minutes! More people should know about this!!”


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