“CT Ave is completely blocked right now from Yuma to Albermarle due to a fire at Zips” photo by Hollz

Thanks to all who messaged starting around 3:15pm. Readers report: “There’s a big police and fire trucks presence on Connecticut Ave NW due to a reported fire in one of the buildings, Connecticut Ave is closed from Windom Pl NW to Appleton St NW( at least)”

“Connecticut Ave has been blocked for about two hours and counting. DCPD still re-routing traffic at Van Ness and Brandywine towards Reno Road.”

From AlertDC: “MPD reports the 4300-4400 Block of Connecticut Avenue NW is closed due to Fire Department Activity. Please use an alternate route.” Read More


photo by DC Fire and EMS 4:14pm Saturday: “Images from 2nd Alarm 2700 block King Ave SE. An exterior attack continues using heavy duty water streams from aerial ladders & other master stream devices. Collapse appears imminent”

The Washington Post reported: “The fire blazed on the campus of St. Elizabeths Hospital in Southeast Washington, the first federally operated psychiatric hospital in the United States, and a place where innovative techniques were introduced in psychiatric treatment. Read More


“Dear PoPville,

Tonight (Tues.) there was an entirely foreseeable fire in River Terrace, which could have been prevented, and could have ended in tragedy. There’s been a long abandoned and condemned house; for several weeks a squatter has taken up residence. Many calls and messages have been sent to local leaders and authorities over weeks and months. They’ve known about it, even so much to come out and inadequately board up doors to prevent entry several times. Read More


Update from DC Fire and EMS: “2 Alarm fire 700 block 24th St NW. Fire has been knocked down. Continue to make rescues by ladder. There is heavy smoke on all floors.”

Thanks to Marcus for sending: “700 24th St NW Apartment Fire. There are at least 20 fire trucks here and the Fire Marshall arrived.”

From DC Fire and EMS: “Box Alarm 700 block 24th St NW. Smoke showing from the 2nd floor of a multi-story building.

2 Alarm fire 700 block 24th St NW. Fire 2nd floor 8 story building with numerous senior citizens. Rescues in progress via ladders and other means.” Read More


Smoke Spotted in NE

Thanks to Greg for sending around 3:10pm. Hopefully just a carbque with no injuries.

Pope jokes will not be accepted at this time. However, fire away with election day ones.


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