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Photo by PoPville flickr user Tim Brown

Today’s ‘Let’s Do This’ comes from Mona who asks:

“I’d love to hear people’s take on the best food truck in DC? Or the best food truck on the national mall?”

Here are the previous best/let’s do this lists for – Carryouts, best Thai, best liquor stores, best Ramen, best Bars, best Indian and Pakistani, best Italian/Pizza/Deli, best Mexican/Salvadoran/Central/Cuban/Latin, best burgers/fries, best bakery/bagels, best Gyms, best Ethiopian , best Sushi, best bookstores, best movie theaters, best sports bars, best barbers and hair salons, best brunch, favorite clothing stores, favorite place to get oysters best breakfast sandwiches, best Tacos, best Farmers Markets best dumplings, best pupusas and best Pho.


1201 Half Street, SE courtesy Bullpen

From an email:

“Throughout the summer, The Bullpen will continue to host Truckeroo, the ever-popular food truck festival in Washington, DC that showcases the hottest food trucks in the area. Truckeroo is a family friendly event that features live music, cold drinks, games, and dozens of mobile kitchens to choose from, including lobster rolls, barbecue, tacos, Asian-fusion, and more. Admission to the monthly festival is free on all Truckeroo dates throughout the season. Read More


3176 Bladensburg Rd NE

Thanks to Trevor (and Matty) for sharing the good news:

“Right next to DC Brau a little gem just opened up and it’s golden.”

Photo by Trevor Martin

Check out Roaming Rooster’s menu here.

“In early 2015, Roaming Roosters was founded in Washington, D.C. by a family with a unique concept. The idea of a food truck with fried chicken that you could feel good about eating: free-range, grain-fed chicken served fresh every day. Read More


Photo by PoPville flickr user Tim Brown

There was a time when a new food truck announcement caused genuine excitement. Here are your favorites from 2013. That time seems to have passed, as OP writes:

“What food trucks are people talking about these days? I work at L’Enfant where we have a lot of trucks out front each day but the quality and options seems to have tanked. For every 1 good one there are about 9-10 mediocre to terrible ones.”

So what the hell happened? Saturated market? Too long lines? Better brick and mortar options for lunch? What are the good food trucks left that you genuinely enjoy?


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