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  • That Man A

    Saw that they opened a few days ago walking by…

    will be sure to check them out in the next week or so

  • The Real Jason

    Sticky Rice must be shaking in their converse.

  • Anon

    It’s a complete disaster…but feel free to go see for yourself.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      How is it a complete disaster?

      • Anon

        The food that we actually got was pretty poor in both quality and presentation. Cooked dishes were not really cooked and fish was not very good. Unfortunately (or fortunately) not all of our food made it to the table as the place is highly disorganized. Hopefully they’ll straighten this out…

        • Anonymous

          This is almost totally the opposite of my experience. The food was great and the place looks very nice. You have something on the disorganization, but they’re brand new.

  • joshNE

    I want to like this place since it’s in my neck of the woods, but they’ve made some very odd choices. I really don’t get making the whole downstairs a bar area, and having a very cramped upstairs sushi bar. Especially since they’re cooking everything downstairs, and then carrying it up.

    We got agedashi tofu, which was nicely fried, but in a overly-sweet broth, barely lukewarm miso soup that was on par with the “just add water” packets you can get at the store, and the sushi for 2 platter. The fish was meh. Not good or bad. Just passable. Oddly, the sushi for 2 does not have 2 of each type of sushi they bring you, so there is some dining partner negotiation needed. The pickled ginger was way off…very acidic, and not edible. We also asked for green tea, and got 2 cups of hot water and some bigelow decaf green tea packets. Super weird for a Japanese restaurant.

    They’re really going to have to work out some major kinks, and step up the quality to make it. And I’m betting the whole downstairs bar thing won’t last…just be a normal sushi restaurant for Chrissakes!

  • NE

    I went last Saturday night–they were a bit disorganized (typical for a new restaurant), but the food was pretty good. Had a rainbow roll and some tuna, and the Yaki soba…It’s a bit on the pricier side, but very close to home so I’ll be back.


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