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First we freak out, then we name it, then we start compiling happy hour specials obviously.

Gulp. Thanks to a reader for passing on this story from Rolling Stone:

“When the big storm hits D.C., the resulting disaster may not kill as many as Katrina, or flood as much physical real estate as Harvey, but the toll it takes on American institutions will be unfathomable. The storm will paralyze many of the agencies that operate and defend the nation, raising the specter of national-security threats.

Heavy rains over the headwaters of the Potomac released a deluge into the city 13 times between 1877 and 1996. The most notable floods were 1936, when the Potomac destroyed every single bridge but one along a 185-mile stretch, and 1942, when the river inundated the National Mall.”

Full report here.

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John writes:

“2900 block of Sherman in the height of the storm. Water was coming down one of the alleys running downhill from GA Ave like a river.”


Weston writes:

“Atlantic Plumbing (apts) could use a plumber. Ground floor and adjoining stores flooded. Water dripping from ceiling on first floor as well.”

Many more after the jump. (more…)

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Thanks to a resident for reporting:

“Lower level basement wall turned into a faucet this morning. Constant flow of ground water still. Evidently this wasn’t an effort to re-channel ground water into the garage drainage system. Maintenance is trying to figure out what to do. Bigger issue, why we’re these holes previously drilled through the basement wall?”

Alfred reports:

“The alley retaining wall between The Darcy Hotel and the General Scott Condominiums as collapsed due to all the rain. You can see it collapses against the General Scott.”

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So cover your ukuleles if you got ’em.

From AlertDC:

“The National Weather Service has issued a severe thunderstorm watch for the DC Metro area from now until 8 PM. Expected wind gust are 60 to 80 mph and possible small size hail. Please clear catch basins and bring in loose items.”

Update 3pm:

“The National Weather Service has issued the following update: Flash Flood Watch & Thunder Storm Watch continues with storms approaching from the western suburbs reaching the the District in about an hour. Threats include flooding rain and wind gusts.”


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