Washington, DC

A reader reported around 10:45pm:

“MPD officer I spoke with said there was a carjacking on H St that resulted in a police pursuit and ended with a crash in the 600 block of NC Ave. The suspect then got out, was pursued on foot and apprehended in the general vicinity of Bullfrog Bagels (per the pic… sorry I couldn’t get closer). All roads in the triangle between C, NC and 7th are taped off at the moment and detectives are wandering around Eastern Market looking for something.”

From MPD:

“On October 7, 2019, and shortly after 9:30 pm, 1D units received a call for a carjacking in front of 721 H St, NE. Read More


1322 H Street, NE

And a happy new year indeed. Thanks to Grant for sending. Meggrolls’ website says:

“Meggrolls are eggrolls with multiple personalities! They are a powerfully concentrated bite of your favorite meal, wrapped in a crispy, hot package. Enjoy Meggrolls as a tasty snack on the go, take-out for a family meal, or invite Meggrolls to your special event for a truly one-of-a-kind catering experience, sure to be incredibly tasty, and quite the conversation piece! ​​You’re welcome!”

This was formerly the home to Red Ginger and Shawafel before that.

Check out the menu: Read More


via google maps

A reader reports:

“Body of a woman (a resident) was found this morning in the courtyard at Senate Square – 2nd/3rd/H/I streets NE. Stabbed I’m told. Husband on scene w police. Body was covered in sheet as of 8:30AM. The courtyard is a locked area.”

Update: another reader reports that this was not a stabbing.

Ed. Note: From the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – “No matter what problems you are dealing with, we want to help you find a reason to keep living. By calling 1-800-273-TALK (8255) you’ll be connected to a skilled, trained counselor at a crisis center in your area, anytime 24/7.”


via google maps

From MPD:

“Around 1133am today, officers were flagged down by 3 adult complainants at 12th and G Street NE where they advised that an adult male just pulled a gun on them and robbed them of their belongings in the alley. Officers in that area where able to share the description and within minutes they were able to apprehend the subject after a foot pursuit. Officers were able to recover the stolen property that was discarded during the foot chase as well as the weapon that was used in the robbery. Read More


816 H Street, NE

Thanks to Andrew for sending. Beetle House’s website says:

“Beetle House is a year round celebration of Halloween with an artistic and thematic atmosphere inspired by horror culture, magic, and the artistic, literary and cinematic works of Tim Burton, Alfred Hitchcock, Bram Stoker, Washington Irving, Edgar Allen Poe and many more. Read More


Multiple readers sent in this Medium post by Pierrea Naketa – A Colorist, Sexist Night in D.C.’s CopyCat Co..

One reader writes:

“From the way I interpreted the article, the author’s problem isn’t with the other woman getting kicked out, it’s with how the woman was kicked out. The owner responds in the comments and it’s pretty unprofessional how he doubles down instead of apologizing.

“The bartender’s hostility was steadily increasing. He launched into a tirade screaming multiple times “YOU BLACK AND YOU UGLY BITCH! YOU BLACK AS F*** AND YOU UGLY!”

If that woman was really banned from Copycat, that’s fine. But you ask someone to leave without resorting to racist and sexist slurs. I’ve had great experiences at Copycat, but wouldn’t feel comfortable going back to a place where management thinks it’s acceptable to call women that.”

You can read the full posting from Medium here.

In the comments, CopyCat’s owner Devin Gong replied:

“I find it interesting that we failed to mention that the women we kicked out was banned from the establishment due to her punching one of my line cooks in the face last time she was in and we ended up calling the cops and established the ban.

Look, I didn’t handle it correctly because I was emotional and felt that after all these years of supporting minorities, and as a immigrant myself, it was insulting to accuse Copycat being racist. Read More


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