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2020 Shannon Pl, SE via GoFundMe

Thanks to all who passed on this important fundraiser:

“Today, December 26th, the day after Christmas, our friends at the Anacostia Playhouse came to work and discovered they had been robbed. Thieves broke in and stole several laptops and computers, a tablet, box office cash, blank checks and credit cards (which they quickly used to make unauthorized purchases). As if that wasn’t bad enough, the robbers used a crowbar and broke into locked cupboards and filing cabinets.

In addition to leaving destruction and heartbreak in their wake, the thieves caused thousands of dollars in damages and stolen property. The Anacostia Playhouse has a huge impact on Anacostia and DC’s arts’ scene but they are still a tiny Ward 8 nonprofit. This crime will have a substantial and devastating impact on their operations — just as the Playhouse is about to host rehearsals on their next production, American Moor (Jan 11 – Feb 3). The Anacostia Playhouse will need financial, logistical and community support in the coming days and weeks. (more…)

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From Council Member Silverman’s Office:

“We were saddened to hear that this community haven was targeted and vandalized too. Here’s the GoFundMe page to help Check It get a new window.”

The GoFundMe says:

“Around 6pm this morning a naked woman screeming homophbic gestures threw a brick through the Check It store and community center double pain window and door.

This is devastating because if the insurance pays for it there will be a huge increase because of the stores location.

The building has been a safe haven for the “LGBT Youth”, “Returned Citizens” and community as a whole. Your support is need so “Check It” can secure its building and get back to the great work that so many have benefited from. (more…)

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“Visitors enjoying the sun and fishing along the river during the 2017 Anacostia River Festival.” courtesy National Park Service

From a press release:

“As part of a three-year effort to revitalize Anacostia Park, the National Park Foundation announced today a $861,000 grant to support the park’s efforts to expand relationships with local businesses and government agencies. The grant will help the park strengthen philanthropic ties and encourage people to enjoy the unique recreational and educational activities in Anacostia Park.

August 31 marks the 100th anniversary of Anacostia Park, and new community liaison Akiima Price is focused on connecting neighbors from D.C. Wards 7 and 8 directly to the park. (more…)

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From a press release:

“Attorney General Karl A. Racine today announced multiple actions against several residential and commercial property owners to end concentrated drug- and firearm-related activity taking place at their buildings. The Office of Attorney General (OAG) reached court-ordered settlements that require owners of two apartment buildings and two businesses in Deanwood to put in place strong new building security measures. In four new lawsuits, OAG is seeking to ensure the owners secure four apartment buildings in Anacostia, Eckington and Petworth to end drug- and gun-related nuisances. (more…)

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This column in written by Randy LiVorsi, of the District Residential Group. A DC resident for 16 years, he is licensed in DC and VA. Randy holds a Masters in Organizational Management and Development and is a certified project manager with a current PMP. Each month he will dig into all things DC area real estate. He is also a General in the KISS Army, so get ready to rock and real estate all night, and party every day!

With so many cranes across D.C., and the incredible amount of real estate development and opportunities happening, let’s dig into the 20020 zip code (Historic Anacostia, Hill Crest, Randle Heights and many others). We’ll see what’s there, what’s coming and how these developments are driving factors influencing that market.

If you’ve been or are considering purchasing, this should provide timely, valuable information. For 20020 sellers, this is pertinent information that affects the value of your home.

What’s already there?

Uniontown Bar and Grill plus other restaurants along MLK are showing that small local businesses can open and thrive.

Hive 2.0, a small business incubator, acts as home base for more than 55 entrepreneurs, and a lively arts district gives this area an established lively culture and strong base.

What’s coming will supercharge the area. Let’s take a look.

11th St. Bridge Park 

Announced in 2014 and being built on the old pillars of the 11th St. Bridge, this expansive ‘bridge park’ will be roughly the size of 3 football fields placed back to back spanning the Anacostia River (connecting Wards 6 and Wards 7 & 8).

D.C.’s first ‘elevated public park’ this ambitious project is intended to be a green space used for residents on both sides of the river to explore healthy recreation, environmental education, entertainment (yes, concerts on a bridge ABOVE the river) and a shared platform for the arts.

Similar to the High Line in NYC, this is a green initiative repurposing the pylons with what looks to be a spectacular pedestrian park bridge.

The Wizards Training Center

Although located in adjacent zip code 20032, this project will bring benefits to not just its home zip, but the southern part of 20020.


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Photo by PoPville flickr user bajidc

From DPR:

“DC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) has partnered with LimeBike for an exciting and unique series of FITDC bike rides through a few parks East of the River in Washington, D.C. with #BiketheDistrict: Petals & Pedals.

The next ride is Saturday, April 14th at Anacostia Recreation Center and will take riders through Anacostia Park. The final ride in the series takes place on Saturday, May 19th beginning at Malcolm X Opportunity Center.

The morning of each event, LimeBike pulls up at a DPR recreation center with a truckload of the fluorescent colored smart-bicycles for riders to use. LimeBike provides free access to their bikes for the day as well as free helmets for those in need. At the end of the 4-6 mile trek, bicyclists can leave the bike at the recreation center or leave the dockless bike wherever else they decide to go that day. Participants can alsoinstead bring their personal bikes to ride.

The kick-off event, held on March 31, brought riders to Kenilworth Recreation Center for a 6 mile ride through the scenic Anacostia Trial and Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens to the Bladensburg Waterfront in Maryland and back. The riders were split into groups from beginner, moderate to advanced paced riders with bike pacers leading each group.

#BiketheDistrict: Petals & Pedals: (more…)

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Photo by The Anacostia Watershed Society courtesy of 11th Street Bridge Park

From a press release:

“The 11th Street Bridge Park and the National Park Service present the fourth annual Anacostia River Festival, a premier event of the National Cherry Blossom Festival. This year we are throwing a birthday bash for the 100th Anniversary of Anacostia Park by celebrating the “Year of the Anacostia!” Held in Anacostia Park, this FREE event will encourage District residents and visitors from across the region to explore communities and parks east of the river. In 2017, the Anacostia River Festival attracted nearly 10,000 participants.

Anacostia River Festival

When: Sunday, April 15, 2018; 1 pm – 5 pm

Where: National Park Service’s Anacostia Park. Good Hope Road & Anacostia Drive SE

Who: FREE and open to the public.
For more information:bridgepark.org/ARF

“In 2018, the stars have aligned to mark the ‘Year of the Anacostia’ – celebrating the river as a stunning ecological and cultural resource for the entire city. Residents from across the DC region can discover this incredible natural resource at our fourth annual Anacostia River Festival.” said Scott Kratz, 11th Street Bridge Park Director.

The festival will feature art exhibitions, live music performances, hands-on activities and special biking activities. Visitors can participate in recycled art projects, fishing workshops, the annual bicycle parade, trail rides, bike tune-up stations, safety stations, lawn games, boating and other family-friendly activities re-engaging residents and visitors alike with the Anacostia River and historic Anacostia neighborhood. (more…)

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via GoFundMe

Thanks to Jaime for alerting us to the Go Fund Me campaign for Capitol Hill Crab Cakes (1243 Good Hope Rd, SE):

“Family, I come to you humbled but not broken. Time is of the essence and we need your support TODAY.

Upon my return over the Holiday weekend, I entered my restaurant to prepare for the next business day. Shockingly, I found a caved in ceiling on the restaurant floor with gallons of water pouring in, flooding our entire kitchen and front dining area. A pipe burst has caused severe damage to our entire building, equipment, and materials. The landlord has placed the expensive repair bill solely on me. Due to the cost for the extensive water damage, we do not know when we will reopen. (more…)


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