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More New Restaurants Coming to H St, NE – Po Boys Kitchen and Hikari Sushi and Sake Bar

by Prince Of Petworth — September 20, 2011 at 3:33 am 14 Comments

709 H Street, NE to become Po Boys Kitchen

The list of new bars and restaurants coming to H St, NE is seemingly endless. A couple of new good options are gonna pop up on the 600 and 700 block of H St, NE. Pictured above is 709 H Street NE which will become Po Boys Kitchen. A liquor license application on the front door says:

“New restaurant serving Po Boys Subs, light dinners and gourmet foods. Entertainment will include small bands featuring reggae and jazz on occasion. Seating capacity is 99. Total load is 129. Summer Garden with seating for approximately 30 patrons.”

644 H Street, NE to become Hikari Sushi and Sake Bar

Stay tuned for more info as both spots get closer to opening. It’s not clear which will open first as Po Boys Kitchen looks like it has a big build out ahead of it and Hikari Sushi and Sake Bar doesn’t appear to have applied for a liquor license yet.

Whenever they do open – I’ll be sure to revisit.

  • Allison

    FYI – I saw on the news this morning (whatever the TBD TV channel is) that they’re having a meeting about the possibility of capping the total number of liquor licenses that will be granted on H st NE.

  • TaylorStreetMan

    Either serve poboys or subs, not both. 🙂

    • ET


      It’s a bad sign for the for that place if they can’t be bothered to know it isn’t “Po Boys Subs” but Po-boys or Subs.

  • oboe

    Now all we need is a pizza place that doesn’t suck raw death through a garden hose.

    • Anonymous

      I’m hoping once the Taylor Gourmet guys master the Philly cheesesteak they’ll tackle the onerous task of replicating pizza from that region. If anyone can do it it’s them.

      • Bloomingdale William

        I’ve given up on finding good cheesesteaks anywhere south of Wilmington. They aren’t that difficult to make, but everyone gets the bread wrong. Ugh.

        Also, I grew up near Philadelphia (Wilmington) and I was unaware that our region had a specific pizza. How did I miss this!? Maybe I was too busy gorging on pierogies, kielbasa, soft pretzels…???

        What kind of pizza is it? Know any good places in Philadelphia?

    • 4:15

      On a scale of 1-10:

      Liberty Tree 7.5
      Sicilian Pizza 6
      New Citi Pizza 6

  • CHer

    I love H Street but I have restaurant envy. When will this happen on Georgia Avenue? How we can we start lobbying for the streetcar to come sooner to GA avenue so we can finally be a vibrant commercial corridor? Graham doesn’t seem interested in streetcar at all.

    • Rainman

      As for GA, good news for the Great Streets funding is back and not being re-allocated. It is scheduled right after H st. during the first phase to get a street car but I have to agree that Graham doesn’t seem very enthused about it. Also another hindrance would be Mr. Washington’s (from the NDC) lack of interest interest in anything “market rate”. Hopefully projects like ‘The Vue’ get the same interest/traction that the mixed income ones do because that and associated ground floor retail is the only way GA will see better times.

  • While the streetcar would be nice, Georgia Ave., even without it, is far more accessible for most people in the District than H Street … many bus routes, a metro stop in the heart of the commercial corridor, plus proximate to a ton of big condo developments and a very quick drive from U Street, etc.. The issue isn’t getting there, it is (a) what is has to offer and (b) the safety / pedestrian friendliness of the commercial strip. Fortunately, it seems like there will finally soon be sufficient critical mass (once Chez Billy and DC Reynolds open and join Sala Thai, Blue Banana, and Looking Glass) to start attracting more and more foot traffic to the area, making it feel less desolate in the evenings. If the middle and lower Georgia Ave. project EVER get completed (making the street far more attractive, better-lit, etc.) , and particularly once the Safeway development gets going, you will start to see the remaining vacant spaces fall like dominos, much as it happened on H Street after enough places to opened to start drawing a consistent crowd of people on weekends (remember, there were only a few cool places on H Street for a few years before the ridiculous explosion of the last two years). I don’t honestly even see the need for a street car, what we really need is the long-delayed infrastructure project to get finished.

    What drives me the most crazy is from the metro north, it is nearly done … it’s been 90 percent done, but totally stagnated, seemingly forever. Just finish the last few bits of paving and landscaping, get rid of the old streetlights, and turn the new ones on … why the hold-up???? I hate it when D.C. does all this work than just seemingly forgets the punch list items for another year and a half, it makes no sense whatsoever. Middle Georgia Ave. of course needs to start from scratch, so I’m even less optimistic of that ever getting going …

    • Rainman

      Good points, just because the Great Streets funding was saved doesn’t mean it will be done anytime soon. Silly because they’ve already put so much money into it. As the street car would be great connecting it to U Street, I have to agree the area is much better off public trans-wise. The bars/restaurants you mention are making it a solid cluster of entertainment that is VERY accessible to other parts of the city

  • SF

    and Charles Taylor, and the Big Board, and Sweet Charlestons, and Pho Bar & Grill (next week), and Da Luft, and Boundary Road, and Tacos Impala, and the new shisha bar by the Souk owners, and the bakery… and these are just the food options. There’s a vet and a bike shop coming too.

    I have never seen anything like this. The rate of economic growth around the corridor is absolutely astounding.


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