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Thanks to Bill for passing on “I thought Kent’s message here was pretty thoughtful and addresses some of the key challenges and tensions in Columbia Heights right now.”

From Kent C. Boese | Chair, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1A | Single Member District (SMD) 1A08 (posting with Kent’s permission):

“The ANC members continue to work with officers, get to know them, and advocate for officers to walk our neighborhoods. We attend the Police Service Area Meetings when they are scheduled and many of us have developed strong relationships with our officers. What has changed in the 8+ years since you were on ANC1A isn’t the commitment of Commissioners or our dedication. We work very hard on public safety issues, often without the support we need from above.

While some of the challenges we face in effective policing are logistical (i.e., changing officers due to promotions and retirements, changes in MPD police district and PSA boundaries), the real challenge we face is changes (good and bad) in what our officers are allowed to do, largely based on political decisions from the Council.

Frankly, when it comes to public safety in Ward 1, I do not believe we have an effective advocate in the Wilson building who can articulate a sound policy that balances the rights of residents with the responses from our police and social service agencies. Yes, we now have the NEAR Act which I voted for on the ANC and which I wholeheartedly support. But we are not going to see the benefits of the ACT immediately, and even when we see the full benefits of the NEAR Act in the coming years, there will still be an appropriate role and need for police. (more…)

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Ed. Note: To be honest, the whole thing just makes me sad. Obviously package theft is maddening and frustrating, and maybe I’m reading too much Humans of New York, but after reading the flyer I feel a bit bad for the guy. Obviously, he shouldn’t be stealing. Of course. Let me be crystal clear – stealing is wrong. But I’m wondering, why is he stealing? What got him to this point? Maybe he is a selfish jerk or maybe he’s had a really tough life and is in a bad spot.

Anyway, I’m just depressed about how divided our city has become and it feels like it’s getting worse. I’m left with this nagging sadness. I hope this guy stops stealing. I hope he can be healed. I hope our city can be healed. I’m not terribly optimistic at the moment. I’m going for a walk.

A reader reports reports from Trinidad:

“Cool it, Morpheus just gets me every time I read it. Transcript below…

Have you seen this man?

Seen on camera swiping packages at 4pm on 3/27

He puts them underneath his out of style leather jacket.

Seriously are you an extra in the Matrix? (more…)

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Thanks to all who forwarded the petition from by Ronald Moten and Dr. Natalie Hopkinson:

“The record store and cell phone carrier at the corner of Georgia and Florida Avenue NW (U Street) has been playing D.C’s indigenous Go-Go Music since the late 1990s. Neighbors in newly constructed condos across the street pressured the city and then T-mobile, to force the owners to stop playing the music. (more…)

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Photo by PoPville flickr user Phil

“Dear PoPville,

I have a dilemma that I’m hoping to get the community’s feedback on: there is a huge rat problem on the 800 block of Upshur St. NW (front and back) largely due to the activities of one of the residents, an elderly woman who leaves cat food on her front porch and pigeon feed in her back yard. I’ve seen rats scurry up to the porch at all times of the day for the cat food, and in the evening–once the pigeons have left for the day–they eat the remaining bird feed. It’s become so bad that they’ve actually burrowed in both the front and back–I’ve seen entire families come-up from under the sidewalk. (more…)

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“Dear PoPville,

Thought the community might enjoy this gem from the IRS. Got a letter yesterday about my Federal return which listed this number to call, and their hours. I started calling at 8:35am… And they wonder why people get so frustrated?!

For what it’s worth, I finally got through on my 13th call, at 9:15am, and the woman was actually pleasant and helpful.”

by Prince Of Petworth April 1, 2019 at 3:30 pm 0

“Dear PoPville,

I’m sickened by the events that took place in my neighborhood Saturday night. The police were called several times by multiple sources and this party was allowed to continue on for hours before ending in a nasty street fight in the intersection of Rhode Island and 6th NW. (more…)


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