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“Here is a poem from Ann L. Ingram, who co-existed with ginkgo trees in Tenleytown for four decades (and now lives with tree frogs alongside Rock Creek Park).

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Gingko fruit’s orange
And stinky – P. U!

Now when one plants
This beautiful tree,
A grafted male
Will please you and me;

For males don’t bear
That obnoxious fruit,
But leaves still turn golden
In Fall – no dispute.

So as these trees die,
As one day they will,
Replace them with grafts.
Smells won’t make you ill!

And we will greet Autumn
Without any fears!
(We just need to wait
About 95 years!)

Now bring on those great yellow leaves!! If anyone gets a particularly good photo when they change please send to [email protected] and let me know what neighborhood you were in. Thanks!

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An anonymous entry for today:

“One of my favorite stories – Manafort’s Brooklyn neighbors complained to the blogger who broke the story about him laundering cash through real estate purchases, because they hated the terrible condition he kept his brownstone in, including that he didn’t sweep his ginkgo fruit off the sidewalk. I like to think the ginkgo is responsible for his downfall.

Angry neighbor rats out Manafort to her. Reason for her anger next.

From the New York Times:

“The absentee owners broke a cardinal rule of brownstone Brooklyn: There is a ginkgo tree near the house, and in the fall, ginkgos drop fleshy, rotten-scented fruits. The owners were the only ones on their block who did not sweep their ginkgo fruit off the sidewalk.”

Gingko berries sure stink
But please stop and think
The failure to prevent
that awful awful scent
Got Brooklyn neighbors bent
And lead them to proclaim!
The Scofflaw: Manafort is his name!
Investigators shortly came
Now he sits in a Virginia Jail
Selling antique rugs to make bail
To the Gingko Berry – Hail Hail.

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“Dear PoPville,

Like many DC residents, Car2Go is a convenient option for me when it’s too wet to bike, or when my wife is out of town with our car on weekends and I need to get around. But lately, I’m loathe to use it, as I find that the Mercedes Benz cars (which are often the only cars available in my neighborhood) sometimes reek of cigarette smoke and frequently have actual ashes and/or butts in the ashtray. (See picture below taken this very morning.) For some unimaginable reason, these cars, which are of course meant to be shared, have functioning ashtrays and, again for some unimaginable reason, totally lack visible “no smoking” signs. (more…)

by Prince Of Petworth September 20, 2018 at 2:15 pm 0

14th Street, NW between Columbia and Irving

“Dear PoPville,

MuralsDC put up a sign in front of Unity Health Care in Columbia Heights announcing a new mural project. Lots of artists working together to put up some murals.

In the process they’ve put caution tape up in the place where there was a shooting earlier this year, and more where earlier this week I walked past someone who was (unconscious?) from K2. It seems kind of heavy handed but at the same time, I’ve had four blessed days in a row of no street harassment here.

Before you ask, no, that’s Einstein holding spray paint on the alley wall, the lineart that defines his features is hard to see from far away.”

Somewhat related, Geovanny writes:

“I wanted to share this proposal for readers to sign to help ease the burden of homeless in the Columbia Heights neighborhood.

The proposals calls on Mayor Muriel Bowser declare a state of emergency for homelessness in Columbia Heights. With additional funding and community resources, one of the vacant DC USA spaces can serve the needs of homeless, including serving healthy meals, offering medical assistance, public restrooms and showers, and safe storage spaces.

I encourage the community to review the proposal and sign if you agree, and also leave feedback to continue this important discussion.”


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