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Thanks to Lissy for sending from Saturday night:

“We spotted what we discovered was this newly married couple a few tables over. People had been sending them glasses of champagne with one couple offering to buy them a bottle to take home. Here is a video as they got up to leave. The entire restaurant clapped for them when they got up to leave. It was heartwarming.”

Please email your awesomeness to [email protected] and let me know where you found it.


Photo by Jordan Barab

“Dear PoPville,

First – let me say I am very blessed in these uncertain economic times to be able to work from home. I know how lucky I am!

That being said, the loud construction project in the alley behind my apartment is…less than ideal for concentrating (as is being roused daily by the noise at 6:30am, which is before I think they’re supposed to be allowed to start.) It would be nice to have an end date to look forward to. Does anyone know whether construction projects have to register a sort of proposed ‘end date’ with the city?”


Photo by Joseph Mentzer

Yesterday we spoke about the bathroom situation (with some options in that link plus 9:30 Club) so this is a sight for many sore eyes. Thanks to Joseph for sending: “Restrooms for Protesters today! 7th & Constitution NW”

Photo by Doug Landry

Doug reports: “We’re set up with 2,320 pounds of ice (any other groups can come get some), free ice cold water and **three portapotties** at the corner of 16th and Eye, directly across from the AFL-CIO. Stop by!”

Have you seen any other locations? If so please let us know the locations. Read More


Last night, it was mentioned to me that bathrooms, or lack thereof, has become a pretty big issue. Where are Don’t Johns when we need them? I imagine this will only grow tomorrow. So thanks to Caitlin Caplinger for sharing with us: “Link to map showing theatres who will #openyourlobby this weekend to protestors for resources/bathrooms/etc.”

If you know of any other resources, especially for bathrooms, please let us know.

A few more resources we’ve received: Read More


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