Washington, DC

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April writes last night:

“To the gentleman in the dapper suit & top coat. Thank you -whenever you are- for watching over my bike as I ran into the fedex on 14th! You were so generous & made my night less of a cluster-f**k than it already was. Bless you! (@PoPville, maybe my Good Samaritan follows you?)”

And because Twitter can be awesome – Carly replies: “Are you in a Hallmark Christmas movie?”


Photo by PoPville flickr user Eric P.

“Dear PoPville,

I live on Irving Street between Georgia Avenue and 14th Street, and it is constantly littered with trash. Two things exacerbate this: the south side of the street has street-side trash pickup that blows loose bits of trash everywhere, and my multiple attempts for public trash cans have been rejected by 311.

Today, I came home to find 3 lovely young women in Howard Bison jackets picking up every tiny bit of trash on the street, smiling and making their way down Irving. I jumped out of my car to thank them and they just waved off my thanks.

I’m not sure what prompted this, but thank you Howard University and thank you to students doing this on a blustery, gloomy day instead of Black Friday shopping.”


Kids will be kids but lately, there’s been enough real crime in the area (Petworth). By the police officer not stopping, there’s a lost opportunity to educate. The officer, by default a representative of our community, is clearly sending a message that this sort of behavior is condoned or something that can be gotten away with. Read More


“Dear Popville,

As I was walking through Franklin Square today I noticed that someone left a scarf, a couple granola bars, a pair of boots and a freshly laundered shirt on one of the benches.

Whoever you are, I’d like to say thank you. Its going to get down to 26 degrees tonight and i’m sure this act of kindness will mean the world to someone.”


“Dear PoPville,

I live in a co-op building in Adams Morgan that is across the street from a large apartment building. Last night I noticed a light flickering across the street and saw that there was a man masturbating in front of his window, facing my building. He turned the light off after 10-15 seconds and then back on 10-15 seconds later. He did this a few times. It was apparent to me that he was trying to get attention by doing this and that this was the point. This was not just incidental behavior I happened to see–it was intentional, nonconsensual, and creepy. He was watching my building the entire time. I feel very uncomfortable knowing I could be watched by this guy in my own home and that any children in my building could witness this or be the target of his behavior. Read More


Ed. Note: It’s certainly not life or death but I’m also curious where you guys weigh in? I tend to agree with OP that residents should be given dibs for both nights before inviting guests. You guys?

“Dear PoPville,

I am a huge Nats fan, and after their win last night its looking like we could potentially win the World Series on Saturday night. Given how much I love the Nats, I choose to hand over thousands of dollars to live next to the stadium. Usually not worth it, but the chance to watch the World Series from my rooftop is once in a lifetime.

However, 1221 has now decided that residents can only pick ONE night to watch from the roof, we need to RSVP, and oddly enough we can bring two guests. Again, for only ONE game though. If I want to see Friday I can’t go on my own rooftop Saturday. Read More


Thanks to Sarah for sending the amazing shot above from Bloomingdale.

Thanks to Josh for sending the great shot below from Columbia Heights.

And thanks to the Nats for continuing to be awesome. My night after struggling to put the kids asleep in a timely manner: Read More


Spot on

Photo by PoPville flickr user angela n.

turbogrrl straight up telling it like it is:

“end of a typical tuesday, walking the dog in shaw, hearing gunshots, cursing softly because he hasn’t pooped yet.”


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