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Photo by PoPville flickr user Beau Finley

“Dear PoPville,

So my car was towed from 13th and Kenyon NW because a house on the block is being remodeled. I called DPW and they said the car was located at the 1300 block of Park Rd. I walked up and down that block about 6 times pressing the panic button [ed. note: for the car to honk] and no dice. Repeated calls to DPW have resulted in their INSISTING the car is on that block, which it is not. They’re now at the point of hanging up on me when I call so I’m walking around Columbia heights pressing the panic button on my car key hoping by some miracle to find it. It’s a silver Kia Sportage with temporary VA tags. This is kind of my last ditch effort before reporting it stolen.”

Ed. Note: If somebody does happen to catch this hail mary please email me, [email protected], where you saw it and I’ll pass on to OP. Or of course post in the comments – thank you.

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Photo by PoPville flickr user John Sonderman

“Dear PoPville,

It would be great if you could share this information on a bill pending with DC council’s committee of the whole. The bill can be found here.

This bill proposes a penalty of up to $300 and/or up to 10 days in jail for anyone who amplifies noise beyond 80 decibels as heard in the nearest occupied residence. 80 decibels is equivalent to a propeller plane flying 1,000 feet above your home.

I’d encourage everyone to reach out through the below avenues to voice their opposition against this bill. Jail time for nuisance violations is not a good use of tax payer funds. (more…)

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“Dear PoPville,

What kind of labor safeguards do we have in DC for those who toil outside in such dangerously high temperatures?”

Related from DPW:

“Summer has arrived in the District and so has the hot weather. With this in mind, trash and recycling crews from the Department of Public Works (DPW) will be starting their daily collection routes one hour earlier at 6 am, beginning Tuesday, July 3. The earlier collection time will remain in effect for the entire summer, ending Monday, September 3.”

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Continuing Coverage of Council Member Jack Evans’ Driving and Parking Continues.

“Dear PoPville,

I was driving to dinner last night (my wife took the photos) and lo-and behold Jack Evans cut me off; I saw that he was talking on his cell phone then he pulled over into a no parking zone – parked – and walked into Washington Square. (more…)

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The following was written by PoPville contributor David McAuley, founder of Short Articles about Long Meetings.

1627 Monroe Street, after and before. Credits (after): Photo taken at ANC meeting, (before) from propertyquest.dc.gov

At its regular monthly meeting on June 26, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1D/Mount Pleasant voted unanimously to support a homeowner who does not want to rip out newly-installed front windows to comply with historic preservation requirements.

The owner of 1627 Monroe Street NW asked the ANC for support after the staff of DC’s historic preservation authorities recentlyrecommended against giving the homeowner retroactive approval for his windows. The matter is now on the agenda of the next meeting of DC’s Historic Preservation Review Board(HPRB), scheduled for today (June 28). The HPRB has jurisdiction over this matter because the house is in the Mount Pleasant Historic District.

The problem is that the new window is twice as wide as the window that was there before (see photo above). In other respects, it is quite similar. (more…)

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Photo by PoPville flickr user Victoria Pickering

From Council Member Grosso’s office:

“Today Councilmember David Grosso (I-At Large) introduced legislation that promotes equity at local businesses by ending the trend towards cashless retail, a discriminatory practice that excludes District residents who do not have a credit or debit card.

The Cashless Retailers Prohibition Act of 2018 requires retail food establishments operating in the District of Columbia to accept cash as a form of payment. Further, it prohibits the discrimination against anyone who chooses to use cash as a form of payment, such as charging different prices. (more…)

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Phil writes:

“Do you know if the ANC members have placards? Seems odd, especially for them to use on a car with Maryland Tags.”

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The following was written by PoPville contributor David McAuley, founder of Short Articles about Long Meetings.

via Google streetview

The developers and the representatives of Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 1B/U Street agree that they would be happy enough to get something, anything, built at 1914 8th Street NW to improve the crumbling eyesore of a building that is there now. The property was on the agenda of ANC1B’s Zoning, Preservation, & Development Committee meeting on June 18.

“I just want to see it done,” said Commissioner Jerry Johnson (district 02). The property in question is in Johnson’s district.

“It’s ridiculous that you have to go through so many layers of stupidity,” said another member of the committee, concerning the developer’s trip through the DC city bureaucracy.

“At this point, he just wants to build something,” said Armstrong Kassa, representative of developers SGA Companies, Inc., and of the owner of the building.

via google maps

The developer would be more than happy to construct a building that would add a few more housing units to a high density area within two blocks of a metro station and a stone’s throw from U Street. (more…)


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