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by Prince Of Petworth November 29, 2018 at 10:15 am 0

901 New York Avenue, NW

From Acadiana (who opened back in 2005):

“It is with great sadness we announce the closing of Acadiana Restaurant in downtown DC. Acadiana will remain open for a month-long PARDI GRAS to celebrate many wonderful years, and will close permanently after New Year’s Eve as our lease is terminating. (more…)

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1225 19th Street, NW

Update Statement from Paul Marcus, CEO, Marcus Partners:

“An affiliate of Marcus Partners acquired 1225 19th Street NW in August 2018. In late September, Mr. Carlson expressed his desire to operate his lunch counter outside of regular building hours, a petition he had made unsuccessfully to the building’s prior two owners.

We have worked diligently with Mr. Carlson to identify a solution that would both satisfy his business goals and fulfill our obligation to ensure that all tenant spaces remain secure during non-business hours. As both a landlord and a community member, we are deeply invested in the business success of all of our tenants.

We evaluated and proposed several solutions to Mr. Carlson, none of which included a “uniformed escort” for any patron. Despite his claims, Marcus Partners would never take an action that denigrates or singles out an individual with a disability. The dignity of every human being is a central tenet of both our business practices and our personal beliefs.

Our ongoing discussions with Mr. Carlson, coupled with the lack of any new protocols instituted since we acquired the property, make his sudden decision to cease both discussions and operations quite perplexing. Our earnest desire is that CF Folks’ renowned lunch time service will once again soon be available to its loyal patrons and that it will operate from our property for years to come.”

Well, more terrible news. Gah. Thanks to all who passed on Kate Bennett’s tweet on Friday:

“Saddest DC food news ever: today was the last day of service at beloved CF Folks. I enjoyed lunch there so many times in the 37 years it existed on 19th Street. I hope Art can find a new spot. RIP, the best french fries in town.”

CF Folks’ website says:

“After 37 years, CF Folks will close its doors after service on Friday, November 9th.

Over the past four years we have been so restrained by our landlords to develop our business in the morning or later on in the evening that we cannot afford to continue successfully, “as a lunchtime only operation”. And we stated that clearly to the landlord some 5 years ago. (more…)

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6929 Laurel Avenue via Facebook

Passed on from the Old Takoma Business Association:

“Dear Takoma Park community and loyal PollySue’s customers,

Today is the 19th anniversary of PollySue’s Vintage Shop. We opened opened on November 1, 1999. My desire to find and share the most beautiful, one of a kind vintage clothes with others was the motivation to start the business but it because so much more. In the nineteen years, we have seen a generation grow up and start their own families. We have outfitted countless brides, prom-goers, theatrical productions and photo shoots. The shop has weathered recessions, elections, blizzards, and hurricanes.

It is with equal amounts of hopefulness and sadness that I announce that PollySue’s will be closing on December 31, 2018. (more…)

by Prince Of Petworth October 25, 2018 at 10:45 am 0

2321 18th Street, NW

UPDATE from Bourbon’s Facebook:

Some news:

After 12 years in one of the city’s great neighborhoods, Adams Morgan, Bourbon has decided to close our doors.

The goal was to be a relaxed, easy-going bar, with great music and an even greater staff, to be the neighborhood bar, a whiskey lover’s home at a time when whiskey wasn’t yet the trend. We succeeded.

Instead of reinventing the business entirely, I think it’s best that we re-evaluate exactly what we’re offering to our community and how. I am eager to explore other opportunities within this city. I am grateful for the time and relationships this venture has graced my life with. I credit every single individual that assisted in our success for many years; specifically, our staff and Bill Thomas’s staff in the years before me.

All the priceless memories and impactful moments this little watering hole could pour, we certainly drank. Thank you all.

— James P. Woods, owner”

A reader reports at 8:37pm last night: “Bourbon is closed.” (more…)

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1025 First Street, SE. Photo by Jake Sauser

8 years in Navy Yard is like 48 in Dupont. Thanks to all who messaged about this sadness. I got some scuttlebutt back in late March that this may happen but I totally blanked on it. They were a pioneer that’s for sure. Hard to remember these days, but this was THE spot to hang (besides Barracks Row) before games back in the day. And so it goes. From Justin’s Facebook:

“It’s been a great eight years. Thank you all for the fun times and memories. We couldn’t have asked for a better run. Ahhh enough tears, cheers to eight years. In the meantime, this staff is some of the best people I’ve met in my life. If y’all have any opportunities open up, these people are pure gold.”

Updates when we learn more about what will become of the space and if there are any planned changes to The Big Stick too.

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3315 8th Street, NE via google streetview

Thanks to David for passing on from the Brookland Listserv:

“Tony Lee at Lee’s Auto service at 3315 8th ST NE is closing down permanently. Their last day of service is October 31st.

My wife who worked with him as the receptionist for 10 years just recieved word from Tony Lee himself.

He plans to retire after 40 years of service and has sold the land to The Menkiti group, since they had the 1st right of refusal.

Please wish Tony Lee and his team good luck before they close and most of all a big thanks for all the years of service.”

Will ATS’ new Ivy City location be the best remaining mechanic in D.C.? Anyone use Guarani Auto Body Shop (4100 Kansas Ave, NW) in Petworth?

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1811 14th Street, NW

I ran down to the levee
But the Devil caught me there
He took my twenty dollar bill
And he vanished in the air

So much for that third floor expansion?

The Washington Post reported the bombshell news yesterday:

By the end of the year, its ground-floor Red Room bar — where, for years, young Washington’s edgier population convened to pound PBRs and Tecates — will close, along with the Backstage, the Black Cat’s small secondary performance space. (more…)


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