Washington, DC

1432 Pennsylvania Ave, SE via Wisdom

Thanks to Joel for passing on from Wisdom:

“Friends, patrons, and gin heads-

it is with profound gratitude that I announce that Wisdom’s closing its doors after exactly 12 years of business.

In 2003, I developed a dream-that quickly became an obsession – of opening a neighborhood cocktail lounge. The cocktail resurgence was in its infancy and at the time there were very few resources to learn about the craft. That challenge was part of the appeal. I spent a lot of time and energy researching and experimenting with flavors and recipes. After years of military service, I found a city and neighborhood to plant my feet and finally take a leap of faith.

In October 2008, I opened Wisdom – DC’s first cocktail bar. It was an uphill battle on many fronts. I opened an upscale cocktail bar in an underdeveloped part of Pennsylvania Ave SE during a recession, with a culture that had little knowledge of cocktails, and in a city that I knew almost no one in. Some would call that foolish and others would call it brave; I suppose the truth is somewhere in the middle. Chasing this dream sparked passion and purpose, which stoked the fire of persistence. We always had to fight for our customers and could never take them for granted. That is probably what made the bar so special. Read More


Photo by John Goucher

From D.C. United:

“D.C. United have announced that Ben Olsen will depart as head coach of the club effective immediately. Assistant Coach, Chad Ashton will assume the role of Interim Manager.

While Olsen will no longer move forward as the head coach of D.C. United, he and the club are working together to determine a new role for him within the organization. Read More


1350 Connecticut Ave, NW. Photo by Flickr user Dan Zink

From an email (thanks to all who forwarded) from Proper Topper:

“After 25 years + 6 months, as these strange days take their toll on us all, the time has come for us to say goodbye to our Dupont Circle location, the sweet little shop we’ve thrived in and loved for so long. Too small to safely distance, too few shoppers downtown, too hard to hang on any longer … too familiar, right? My heart goes out to everyone suffering loss right now.

We look forward to welcoming you into our Cathedral Commons shop (3322 Wisconsin Ave, NW), just a couple of miles north and large enough to navigate more safely. And we always welcome you online, where our virtual shop is lush with new offerings to brighten your day and lighten your way. When have you ever needed our whimsical, comforting treats more?

But right now, I would like to take a moment to honor our long run in the spot and the neighborhood we loved so well. Read More


The Gibson (left) Marvin (right) 2007 14th Street, NW just north of U Street

Thanks to all who passed on this awful coronaville massacre news (will closefor the foreseeable future on Halloween“) from the Washington CityPaper:

“Eric and Ian Hilton say they fought for six months to keep American Ice Company, The Brixton, Echo Park, El Rey, The Gibson, Marvin, and Players Club running through the COVID-19 pandemic, but ultimately couldn’t.”

Out of the seven which hurts the most?

Full statement from Ian Hilton on twitter:

Photos of all the spots: Read More


Update from Otello:

“Dear loyal friends & patrons:

After over 30 years in Dupont Circle, Otello restaurant has permanently closed its doors. As with many other restaurants, the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic has made it impossible for us to stay in business. Some other restaurants were able to pivot to pick up and delivery services, but it was determined that this was not a viable option for our little restaurant.

We hope you keep Otello in your memories as a place for good food, good times and cheer. On behalf of the entire team at Otello, we thank you for your years of patronage and we will miss you all!
– Otello Restaurant”

Sadly their phone number has been disconnected as well so it appears to be another end of an era. The Washington Post reviewed them in 1985:

“The newest red-sauce and red-check Italian restaurant is Otello, just south of Dupont Circle. Read More


229 Pennsylvania Ave, SE

Thanks to Zachary for sending from Capitol Lounge:

“It is with the heaviest of hearts to report that our last day of service will be Sunday, 9/20. It’s been a great 26-year run, and we’re most proud of the way our management and staff have handled incredible adversity over the last 6 months. Thanks to all for the love and support.” Read More


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