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Last month I heard the famed singing man of Mount Pleasant (though I was in Van Ness at the time, I also heard him a couple weeks ago in Mount Pleasant, where I took the photo above.) After hearing him in Van Ness it brought me great joy so I tweeted:

Lisa was kind enough to reply with more info she had previously shared on the Adams Morgan listserv:

“Hola a todos,

My name is Lisa, and this is my first post since joining the online community. There was some recent discussion about a loudly singing man who has provoked an understandable reaction of intimidation, distress, and concern among some of his neighbors.

I just encountered this man for the first time since I moved to Adams Morgan a few months ago. He was indeed singing extremely loudly. I recalled our collective exchange and some specific questions about his mental health and safety. I approached him in that spirit, as well as to be neighborly.

When I did, he immediately stopped singing and we talked for about 15 minutes. Two relevant facts are 1) our conversation was entirely in Spanish, which I speak at a B-minus level, and 2) I’m a clinical psychologist who has some expertise in quickly assessing danger to self and others.

The gist of that exchange that I’d like to humbly share: Read More


Photo by Mike

A simple twitter query and wondering when my Nats World Series card would arrive have bloomed the greatest responses. Let’s look back on the greatest commemorative SmarTrip cards.

Photo by afawzy

Ed. Note: If you have some more classics – please email to [email protected] and I’ll add them to this list. Thanks! And thanks to all who dug them out for us.

Check out so many more awesome ones: Read More


517-519 Morse Street, NE

Mike passes on this very sad news to us: “Ken Nankervis, the former employee of A Litteri, who bought the place from Michael DeFrancisci about a year ago, died on Thanksgiving Day. Very sad. He was only 52.”

From Legacy.com:

“After moving to Annapolis he began working at A. Litteri and was known as the “wine guy” to many. After several years and much hard work Ken became owner of A. Litteri an award winning wine and deli shop located in Washington, DC. Read More


DaMarkus Thomas Memorial Fundraiser via GoFundMe

Joe passes along the very sad news and fundraiser:

“It is with deepest sympathy and grief that we mourn the loss of DaMarkus Thomas, a beloved member of the Smoke & Barrel family. DaMarkus was kind, funny, thoughtful, and an all-around stellar man. His infectious smile could light up any room, and he had a knack for making people want to be around him. Read More


On Saturday the Florida Avenue Grill posted:

“We regret to inform you of the passing of Lacey C. Wilson, Jr., the former owner of the Florida Avenue Grill @floridaavegrill. In 1970, he purchased the Grill from his father Lacey Sr who founded the Grill in 1944. Lacey served 13 years in the U.S. Marine Corps ultimately as a Gunnery Sergeant and was a Karate Grandmaster. He taught martial arts to numerous black youth in DC at a time when few saw the value in it. He famously defied National Guard orders to leave and defended the Grill with a shotgun for three days and nights during the uprising that followed Dr King’s killing. The Grill was still firebombed but he was able to put the fire out.
He continued to serve as guide a mentor to our current owner Imar Hutchins. It is due to Mr. Lacey’s determination and spirit that the Grill is now able to celebrate 75 years of serving the DC community. Mr. Lacey was 83 years old.” Read More


“In case you’re wondering, Key Bridge, Virginia side, 1960, he was 25…”

Thanks to Tim for passing on from Old Europe (2434 Wisconsin Ave, NW):

“Affectionately known to many simply as Mr. Karl, our hearts mourn the passing of Karl J. Herold who died peacefully on October 12, 2019, he had a long and successful life as Chef and Proprietor of the Old Europe Restaurant. He will be dearly missed by his family, friends and many business associates.

Born in 1935 in Uder, Germany he eventually immigrated from Heiligenstadt, Germany to Washington, D.C. absconding East Germany to create a new life in his adopted homeland in 1960. Read More


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