Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

I bike from Brookland to the Arboretum frequently. I cross NY Ave on the east side. DC just redid the crosswalk so I can’t bike through it. It is a little path thing. I don’t understand why they did this…anyone else have any ideas? The way it is now configured I was forced onto Bladensburg Ave with traffic…the very slow traffic of commuters. Read More


“Dear PoPville,

Last night (Sun night) I did my typical evening bicycle ride around the National Mall. All was going fine until I got close to the Washington Monument at about 8:30 pm and noticed about 10-15 bicycles in front of me going very slow. I slowed down and let the group of teenage (aged 13-18) males do their thing for a couple minutes before realizing they were just purposefully taking up the entire path. I slowly tried to make my way through, and said, “coming by on your left”, and I even said “thanks” when slowly going through the middle of the group.

Suddenly, the group speeds up with me in the middle, so I pick up the pace and am pleasantly surprised thinking that they got the picture and realized they should either move over or keep going with the traffic.

Wrong. The bicyclist in front of me slammed on his brakes looking back at me, and I narrowly avoided crashing into him. I asked, “what are you doing, man?”

He proceeded to scream to his friends, “This guy yelled f*ck you to me!” (I did not say this) Then, an older teenager up front turned around and pointed at me, “this guy?!”

I realized they were turning on me so I tried to book it out of the way- but was rammed in the back tire by one biker, throwing me off my bike. Read More


440 K Street, NW

Update Mr.TinDC reports Tuesday morning:

“I was just there – staff said they are actually closed for good now. Employees are packing up the store, and finishing a few service jobs (including some work on one of my bikes). Front doors are locked.”

“Hello BicycleSPACE Family & Friends-

As many of you may have heard by now, we will be moving out of our Mount Vernon Triangle shop at 440K street over the next week. While we are sad to be moving on, we will be carrying on the BicycleSPACE tradition at the Ivy City location and look forward to seeing you there & in new and exciting places in the future! Read More


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