Washington, DC

From DDOT:

“Today, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) announced that Bolt Mobility was awarded a mid-year permit to operate electric scooters in the District through December 31.

“The dockless vehicle program is moving the District closer to Mayor Bowser’s goal to provide accessible transportation options across all eight wards,” said DDOT Director Jeff Marootian. Read More


Photo by PoPville flickr user Jordan Barab

From Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton’s office:

“Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) released a letter she sent to U.S. Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund today urging the Capitol Police to amend their policies to permit electric scooters on Capitol Grounds, while adopting narrowly tailored regulations to protect public safety. Currently, scooters are prohibited on Capitol Grounds despite their widespread use by staffers, District of Columbia residents, and tourists.

In her letter, Norton writes that electric scooters “are an affordable, environmentally friendly and efficient mode of transportation relied upon by increasing numbers of Hill staffers, D.C. residents and visitors to our nation’s capital. As such, electric scooters should be treated like motorized bicycles, mopeds, segways, and the other low-speed vehicles,” which are already permitted on Capitol Grounds.”

The full text of the letter can be read below: Read More


From CM Cheh’s twitter thread last night:

“Today, I introduced legislation to create new rules for electronic scooter/bike operators, users, and @DDOTDC. The first tweets on the bill focused on one particular provision, while the legislation is actually a rather broad bill with many components. (This is a long thread)

Electric scooters and bicycles produce multiple benefits for the District: reducing congestion and our carbon footprint, plus they’re fun for users. However, with these benefits have come significant challenges. Read More


Ed. Note: So out of all the scooters available which do you prefer?

Thanks to Brooke for passing on:

“DC Riders,

We’d like to give you an update on our operations in DC.

We are suspending service for at least 30 days, complying with a DDOT order after informing them of an incident that occurred earlier today in our warehouse. There was a small fire in a storage area caused by a battery that had been previously removed from service. Read More


Amazing. Thanks to a reader for sending on Saturday:

“Witnessed a girl riding a scooter in Shaw with a cat in what appears to be a purpose-built backpack.

Unclear how the cat feels about this.”

This takes me back to July 13th 2017, which was also awesome: Read More


Thanks to Stephanie Coleman for sharing this instant classic from Rhode Island Ave, NE yesterday. Following on the heels of our hero riding on top of a couple cases of beer comes this legend. I get it. Sometimes you’ve had a long day but still gotta scoot home. Respect!! Now, keep in mind these folks are professionals, please don’t try this at home.


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