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Photo by PoPville flickr user Thundercheese

“Dear PoPville,

I want to put the warning out that Lime scooters keeps debiting users’ credit cards for unauthorized charges.

Over the weekend, the Lime app set the “auto-reload” function to “ON” without my permission. It then debited my credit card for separate $10 and $20 transactions to add $30 of credits to my account. I complained to Lime and they said it would take 7-10 business days to refund my credit card. I ensured that auto-reload was set to “OFF” even though I know it was never turned on. (more…)

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from a previous post outside Shaw metro

“Dear PoPville,

My good and wonderful friend works downtown and is visually impaired. He recently advocated for DDOT to put audible walk signals to cross L street and 18th street NW. They came out and did this within two weeks. His daily commute has been significantly easier on him – except there is one more obstacle, dockless bikes and scooters. Next time you end your ride please don’t leave it in the middle of the sidewalk – it’s a challenge for people who are visually impaired/blind to have to walk around them. Let’s make DC an inclusive community for all!”

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“Dear PoPville,

Yesterday I was walking by shaw metro around 5 pm, and it looked like a junkyard for electric scooters – see picture. How does this fit in with the vision for making DC beautiful?

About an hour later, on my way back at the same location, a young woman zoomed past me on one of these scooters. She almost ran into people on the sidewalk and barely swerved past them. Then I heard the guy behind me muttering something along the lines of – next time someone does that to him on a sidewalk, he is just going to stick his knife in them. Then he yelled across the street at someone else on a scooter, telling them to slow their ass down. (more…)

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“Dear PoPville,

I fully accept that most adults look full-on ridiculous when riding any motorized scooter around town, and I also accept that many folks, especially visitors to our city, aren’t always the most safe or courteous.

That said, I had a total unexpected run-in with a car yesterday while scooting. I was standing at the red light at 8th and G, SE, facing the Marine Barracks. I’m aware that a car is slightly behind me. Light turns green, I proceed ahead, staying to the far right so the car can pass me, even pausing behind a parked car on the opposite side of the intersection so it can pass. It pulls up very close behind me, and I assume it’s to let the car coming the opposite direction get by. So I pull around the parked car and stop again in front of the parked car, again trying to let the driving car go past. And AGAIN, this car pulls up right behind me, even though there is plenty of room. (more…)

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Yesterday we learned that JUMP (and Uber) was launching their scooters in D.C.

Marco writes this morning:

“We can’t take these companies seriously as they insinuate themselves into our cities as viable transportation options and then double their prices with one day’s notice.”

Ed. Note: For bikes it used to be $2 ride for 30 minutes and then .07/minute. I asked Marco to do the math on that, because I was told there would be no math today, and he replied:

“I guess from a customer perspective the “break even” is 13 minutes, so it’s a net loss to customers if the average rides are above that. But my bigger issue is the one day notice over email as it pertains to the city treating them as a transportation asset.”

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courtesy UBER

From a press release:

“Today, Uber announces the launch of dockless electric scooter service JUMP in Washington, D.C. The addition of e-scooters brings another transportation option to the Uber app and helps create a one-stop-shop for riders, whether their destination is a few blocks, a few miles, or across town. JUMP scooters are electric, making it easier for riders to get around the city without breaking a sweat this spring.

The expansion of JUMP in the city is part of Uber’s commitment to bringing together multiple modes of transportation choices – offering safe, affordable options for first and last mile solutions. Free helmets will be distributed through Gearin’ Up Bicycles until May 7. (more…)

by Prince Of Petworth February 19, 2019 at 12:35 pm 0

“Dear PoPville,

This week, I was turning the corner onto our street/ house after a lovely evening (7 pm) walk with the dog. As with many dogs, though she is very friendly and well-trained, she’s terrified of skateboards and dockless scooters when they’re in motion and making noise. Knowing this, as I saw a young man on a scooter approaching us quickly, headphones in (corded for context), I held my dog by the collar and moved her as far to the edge of the sidewalk as I could.

With the other hand, I waved frantically to him. I finally got his attention and politely asked him to wait for us to round the corner to our house rather than zooming past us, because my dog (pointing to the cute, but growingly anxious, 60-lbs rescue shepherd mix I was physically restraining) doesn’t do well around scooters. If he could wait 20 seconds for us to get out of his pathway that would be great.

He told me to f*&k off and that if my dog had a problem with him scooting on the sidewalk, it should be put down, it’s not his problem and proceeded to zoom right by us. (more…)


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