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From Alert DC:

“METRO reports Red Line Train service suspended between Judiciary Square & NoMa due to fire department activity at Union Station. Bus service requested.”

WMATA reported around 2:45pm:

“Red Line: Trains single tracking btwn NoMa & Judiciary Square due to fire dept activity at Union Station. Expect delays in both directions.”

Update from Alert DC:

“DC FEMS reports the Fire Department Activity at Union Station is now clear.

Additional Information: METRO reports that they are single tracking between NoMa and Judiciary Square.”


4pm Update from WMATA:

“Red Line: No longer single tracking. Residual delays continue in both directions following fire dept activity at Union Station.”

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“Metro is advising Green Line customers of unscheduled track work that will likely affect Friday morning rush hour service. Ultrasonic testing has identified a possible rail defect in the early stages of forming outside Columbia Heights Station. In response, Metro plans to replace approximately 100 feet of rail during the overnight hours Thursday night and Friday morning.

Temporary measures are already in place to allow trains to continue to operate safely until permanent repairs are completed.

Service Information

Starting at 8 p.m. Thursday, all Green Line trains will single track between U Street and Georgia Ave-Petworth stations. Due to the complex nature of the rail replacement work, the single tracking is expected to continue during the Friday morning rush hour. (more…)

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And by “some” they mean a shit ton!


“CAPITAL PROJECTS – July through December 2018
Red Line Saturday, July 21 – Labor Day, Monday, September 3

Immediately following All-Star Week, Metro will return to Rhode Island Avenue Station to complete necessary structural repair work that begun during SafeTrack. Rhode Island Avenue Station was closed on an emergency basis in 2016 when concrete fell from the aerial structure. Metro engineers stabilized the structure and advanced as much remediation work as possible during a SafeTrack surge in 2016. This 45-day project will allow crews to complete structural repairs at Metro’s oldest outdoor station, including addressing deteriorating platform conditions that affect the ADA-accessibility of the station.

Rhode Island Ave and Brookland stations closed.
No Red Line service between Fort Totten and NoMa-Gallaudet stations; use Green Line as alternate. (more…)

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Dean writes around 6:45pm:

“Power is out at the North Dupont Metro entrance. Pretty weird”

Photo by @Coffee2Brain

Billy writes at 6:30pm:

“No power in Dupont Circle Station. Passengers have to go up the escalators in the dark.”

Photo by @Billyistan


“WMATA reports Dupont Circle’s 19th St entrance is closed due to escalators and elevators malfunctioning, however the 20th St entrance remains open. Shuttle bus service has been requested.

Metro reports the following correction, the 20th St NW entrance is closed and the 19th St NW entrance remains open.”

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“Dear PoPville,

There’s no rules posted on how to behave while on metro but I think it’s important to review these unspoken rules from time to time.

The unspoken rules of riding the metro/bus:

When riding the escalators, stand on your right and walk on your left


· If you need to add money to your metro card, please let other riders enter the bus first.

· If you notice a bus is full, proceed to stand at the very back of the bus to allow more space for incoming riders.

· Do not take up more than one seat, especially if you’re just using it for your handbag.

· If you’re riding public transportation only for a couple stops, do not inconvenience other metro riders by squeezing yourself into a seat only to have to get back up again soon after.


· To avoid holding up foot traffic, take out your metro card well before you must tap it into the station.

· Do not take up more than one seat, especially for your belongings. (more…)

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“Crime on Metro in 2017 plunged to its lowest level in a more than decade, the transit authority announced today.

Last year, there were a total of 1,282 Part I crimes on Metro, a 19 percent reduction from 2016 and a 43 percent drop from 2010 levels. Declines were reported in every category of crime:

Aggravated assaults were down 27 percent
Robbery was down 18 percent
Motor vehicle theft and attempted motor vehicle theft were down 45 percent and 39 percent, respectively
Snatch/pickpocket incidents were down 27 percent
Larceny was down 10 percent Rape was down 67 percent, with two incidents reported in 2017
There were no homicides, arsons, burglaries in 2017, compared to 5 homicides, 3 arsons, and 2 burglaries in 2016. (more…)

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Sadly a reader reports:

“Saw these human feces an hour later after the 5pm post. The train had turned around at Reston and made it all the way too Farragut West. When she alerted the station manager, they weren’t aware of the issue. Why does it take that long (1+ Hour) to clean up after being properly notified? Apparently, WMATA still doesn’t have their shit together.”

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“Metro’s Board of Directors today approved the Rush Hour Promise program, a first-of-its-kind service guarantee for Metro customers. Beginning with tomorrow morning’s rush hour commute, on Friday, January 26, if a Metrorail or Metrobus customer using a registered SmarTrip® card is delayed by 15 minutes or more, Metro will credit the customer’s SmarTrip card for future travel.

The service guarantee comes at a time of improved reliability, demonstrating Metro’s progress getting “back to good.” Nearly 90 percent of customers now arrive at their destination on time as a result of Metro’s investment in new trains, enhanced maintenance programs and renewed track infrastructure. Trips exceeding the 15-minute delay threshold are extremely rare, accounting for less than one percent of trips on many days.

“Rush Hour Promise is our commitment to riders that we are accountable for providing reliable, on-time service,” said Metro General Manager Paul J. Wiedefeld. “We want our customers to know that we value their time, and we’re going to do everything we can to keep them moving safely and efficiently.”

For rail customers, the program is automated — a first in the transit industry. During weekday rush hours, if a customer’s trip takes 15 minutes or longer than the expected travel time range, measured from the time the customer “taps in” to the system to the time they “tap out,” Metro will automatically issue a credit to the customer’s SmarTrip card. For customers paying with stored value or using SmartBenefits, the credit will cover the full value of the delayed trip.

Almost all common causes of delays are covered under the Rush Hour Promise, including mechanical issues, track problems, police activity and sick customers. Rail customers eligible for a credit will be notified by email the next business day and a credit will be issued to their SmarTrip card within 5 business days.

The Rush Hour Promise includes Metrobus service, as well, covering delays of 15 minutes or more caused by mechanical problems or “no show” buses. Because bus customers do not “tap out” at the end of their trip, a simple online form is provided where customers can request Rush Hour Promise credit. After confirming the delay, a credit will be applied to the customer’s registered SmarTrip card. To participate in Rush Hour Promise, all a customer needs is a registered SmarTrip card. Registration is free at wmata.com/SmarTrip and has the added benefit of protecting the value on the card in case of loss or theft.

There are a handful of circumstances where the Rush Hour Promise does not apply
: (more…)

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An old magazine contains a Metrorail system map. The Blue Line doesn’t even show proposed stations going out to Largo, the Green line is unfinished, and the Yellow doesn’t extend to Ft. Totten.
I’m not sure if this was an official map, but it’s worth noting that the District and MD/VA county lines are not shown, as they are in the current map.

Photo by PoPville flickr user Eric P.

“Dear PoPville,

I take the Green/Yellow lines from Gallery Place up to Petworth to come home from work everyday. And one question I’ve had for years is why there are so many trains whose last stop is Mount Vernon Square.

I’m sure there’s a reason — either the cars get stored there or they get turned around to go another direction or something. Maybe someone knows.

All I know is that it’s incredibly frustrating when there are multiple trains to amount Vernon Square in a row — which can leave you waiting up to 15 minutes for a train in the most extreme cases.

Anyone know why they stop at Mount Vernon Square?”


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