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Photo by Ursula Fox-Koor

Ursula sends the photo above from Farragut north yesterday at the start of rush hour.

Chris Alexander replied:

“somebody threw an umbrella onto the tracks along the red line and a train hit it and it went onto the 3rd rail, so they had to inspect everything to make sure there was no damage


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Photo by PoPville Flickr user Beau Finley

“Dear PoPville,

Hoping you can help me! A woman’s watch fell off on the metro (Rosslyn, on the blue line) this morning and I couldn’t get it to her before the doors closed. She looked so bummed through the window and I would love to get it back to her. Maybe we can find her?”

We can and we will – Internet do your thing and when the lady sees this – please email [email protected] so I can connect you with OP.

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Outside Navy Yard Metro, photo by Nick

From Metro Transit Police around 1pm:

“SUSPECT: This is the individual in the area of Navy Yard Station who is considered a person of interest in a stabbing that just occurred. Red hair, red pants. May have CUT himself during the incident. CALL 911 IF SEEN. DO NOT TAKE ACTION OTHER THAN CALLING POLICE.”

“Navy Yard additional: Incident occurred aboard a camera-equipped Green Line train traveling in the direction of Branch Ave. Prelim ID on victim is adult male, believed to be known to suspect. Suspect ran out of Navy Yard Station e/b out the New Jersey Ave exit toward CVS.”

“Navy Yard (update): Trains are now servicing the station, single tracking continues.”

Alan Henney reported:

“update: CRITICAL METRO STABBING- teenage male with slashed throat bleeding heavily, will be taken to trauma center shortly. Stabbing happened in Metro subway car currently at Navy Yard. Suspect fled out the station, possibly getting into an Uber.”

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Thanks to Nicollette for sending yesterday:

“Still looking to find out the reasoning behind this bright yellow metro car that I saw this morning at L’enfant.”

Will tweet metro but anyone happen to know? Caption contest while we’re waiting to find out!

: It’s the money train – that was fast! Though I think they should use a more subtle color to move money around…

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Photo by PoPville flickr user Beau Finley


“Summary of Metrorail weekend service changes for Saturday, September 15 & Sunday, September 16:

Green Line trains operate regular weekend service
Free shuttle buses replace Red Line trains between Twinbrook and Medical Center
Orange, Silver, Blue and Yellow Line trains operate every 26 minutes all day Saturday and after 10PM Sunday

Red Line
Buses replace trains between Medical Center and Twinbrook

Red Line trains will operate regular weekend intervals between Shady Grove & Twinbrook and Medical Center & Glenmont.

Free shuttle buses will operate between Twinbrook, White Flint, Grosvenor-Strathmore and Medical Center. Please allow an additional 10 minutes travel time per station stop.

Stations closed: White Flint and Grosvenor-Strathmore. (more…)

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Photo by PoPville flickr user Beau Finley


“Metro Transit Police and the DC Metropolitan Police Department will conduct a full-scale law enforcement exercise on Sunday morning on the Red Line upper level at Gallery Place Station.

The live exercise will focus on preparation for an active threat on the Metrorail system and will simulate real-world conditions to test multi-agency response, coordination, and on-scene communication between first responders, rail operations staff and support personnel.

More than 100 emergency responders and staff are expected to participate in the exercise.

The exercise will begin at 7 a.m. and is expected to end no later than 2 p.m. DC Fire and EMS will also participate in the exercise.

Customer Information
During the exercise, the Red Line platforms at Metro Center and Gallery Place will be closed to the public. (more…)

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Photo by PoPville flickr user Erinn Shirley

“Dear PoPville,

I’ve got a crowd source question. There’s an older black gentlemen that I’ve seen a half dozen times sitting in the middle of the lower level of the l’enfant plaza metro station. He’s always working away creating absolutley incredible black and white scetches on a large surface (please forgive my complete lack of knowledge about art related terminology). I have seen small photos of the subject (usually pets or people) in the corner that he uses to create the beautiful sketch. I can only assume he’s down there soliciting from metro riders and creating a custom works of art for a fee.

I’ve been looking for him for a while and found him in his usual spot today, but he had drawn a large crowd and I was in a rush to get home and walk the dog. I did see him hand a business card to a kid so I’m hoping someone out there has his contact information. I’d love to commission a picture or two so if anyone knows how to make that happen without spending all day scouring metro stations I’d really appreciate it! His stuff looks so good I’ve gotten goosebumps looking at somebody else’s dog!”

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“Metro customers on the Orange, Silver and Blue lines are being reminded that a major track improvement project will significantly affect train service for 16 days, starting this weekend. Metro will work around the clock to rebuild track and tunnel infrastructure in the tightest curve in the system, located between McPherson Square and Smithsonian stations. On weekdays, trains will single track through the work zone at all times.

Customers who use these lines are strongly encouraged to use alternate transportation during the two work-weeks of the project. Orange and Silver lines will only run every 20 minutes–even at rush hour–and may not have room for all riders. Meanwhile, the Blue Line will operate in Virginia only, between Franconia-Springfield and Arlington Cemetery. Virginia customers traveling to DC should take the Yellow Line to Downtown stations.

On Saturday, August 11, and Sunday, August 12, Farragut West, McPherson Square, and Metro Center’s lower level will be closed. Limited shuttle bus service will replace trains between Foggy Bottom and Federal Triangle stations. Orange and Silver Line trains will operate every 12-15 minutes outside the shutdown area. (From Virginia, all Orange and Silver line trains will terminate at Foggy Bottom.) Blue Line trains will run between Franconia-Springfield and Arlington Cemetery only. All other stations (except for previously announced Red Line stations between NoMa-Gallaudet and Fort Totten) will be open.

During this period, Metro is also preparing for a planned “Unite the Right” rally and counter-demonstrations on Sunday afternoon near the White House, and is aware that many participants may be planning to take rail to the events. (more…)


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