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“As Metro works to modernize its fare system, construction is set to begin on Monday, August 8 at the NoMa-Gallaudet U Station and will require the entrances to be closed one at a time, starting with the south entrance at M St NW. Once the work is completed and the south entrance reopens, Metro will move to the north entrance on Florida Ave.

Construction will result in each entrance closing for approximately two weeks. Read More


Update from WWATA:

“At approximately 7 a.m., Metro’s Rail Operations Control Center (ROCC) identified an intermittent IT network connection issue that impacted communications between systems.

Customers throughout the rail system were notified to expect delays and received notification through social, text, Web and Metro Alerts to allow for additional travel time while the issue was assessed. After further review, it was determined that the customer data feed was providing incorrect information to our passenger information system, trip planner and third party apps. The majority of customer trips remained on time throughout the morning, and Metro is currently running scheduled service on all rail lines. Read More


photo by Jim Havard


“Welcome news for customers who ride the Blue, Orange and Silver lines. As of Aug 1, trains will arrive every 15 minutes on weekdays, matching service on the Green and Yellow lines. For most customers, the wait for a train will be no longer than 5-8 minutes, as most stations are served by at least two if not all three lines. Read More


photo by Eric P.


“Red Line service info, as of 4:25pm:

No train service btwn Farragut North & Van Ness
Bus shuttles running every 7-10 min btwn Farragut North & Van Ness

Update: “Red Line service update, as of 7/31, 6:30p:

No train service btwn Farragut North & Van Ness. Trains are running in two segments: (1) Glenmont-Farragut North & (2) Shady Grove-Van Ness

Update, 10:41pm: “Red Line Service Update: Crews have been working continuously to make repairs, so service is restored between Farragut North & Van Ness in time for your morning commute. In the event there are any issues, we’ll have at least 40 shuttle buses ready to operate every 7-10 min.”

Update, Red Line update, 8/1, 4:35a:

“Service remains temporarily suspended btwn Farragut North & Van Ness as crews continue repairs to the low-voltage cables from Saturday’s arcing incident

Shuttle buses will operate every 7-10 min between Farragut North & Van Ness” Read More


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