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“Metro Transit Police today [Thursday] arrested Issa Conteh, 39, of Alexandria, on weapons charges following an anonymous tip from a Metro rider at Anacostia Station.

The Metro customer called 911 shortly after 7 a.m. to report that she observed a man in possession of a gun. DC 911 transferred the call to Metro Transit Police dispatchers, who obtained a description from the caller and broadcast a flash lookout to officers. Read More


Photo by Max

Max writes at 1:01pm “What’s going on??”

From Metro Transit Police:

“Confirmed stabbing. Police, medics o/s.

Capitol South Station: MTPD, MPD, USCP & DC EMS o/s responding to a confirmed stabbing. Details will follow. The station is CLOSED at this time. Trains on Blue/Orange/Silver are bypassing the station. Use Federal Center SW or Eastern Market as alternates.”

From MPD: “Stabbing Investigation in the 300 block of 1st St SE. Lookout for B/F, 14 yrs of age, 100 lbs., short dreadlocks, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and khaki pants”

Update from Metro Transit Police: “Capitol South Update: DC Metropolitan Police will be the lead agency for this incident. Please follow @DCPoliceDept for updates. Also, please be advised that Capitol South Station is likely to remain closed for some time to come. Use Eastern Market or Federal Center SW.”


A shot from last night by Katie

Steven reported around 6:35am: “Seems like they are still single tracking through Farragut West from Sunday night’s incident. No acknowledgement. Trains have been holding at McPherson Square for about 15 minutes no end in sight”

Did others on the orange line notice delays later this morning too?

Metro reported: “Orange/Silver/Blue Line Delay: Expect residual delays until approximately 630 am due to an earlier incident at Farragut West.

UPDATED: Orange/Silver/Blue Line Delay: Metro has resumed normal operations at Farragut West.”



“The investigation into the cause of a low-speed train collision outside Farragut West is ongoing, including analysis of railcar data recorders, control center event logs, and signal system playback.

While Metro has not yet identified the root cause of the incident, investigators have found no evidence of a signal system failure and have ruled out “loss of shunt” as a cause. Data analysis shows that all trains in the area were properly detected by the signal system, and appropriate speed commands were sent to the trains to maintain safe spacing.

The investigation is also reviewing human factors as a possible cause. Formal interviews of both train operators were conducted this morning by Metro safety investigators and Washington Metrorail Safety Commission investigators, and both operators submitted to required post-incident toxicology testing. The operators will remain out of service during the investigation.

Below is a summary of preliminary findings as of 3:30 p.m. Monday, October 7: Read More


Photo by Harrison Jones “Scene at the Farragut West metro station where two metro trains reportedly collided tonight. Trains reportedly empty except conductors, both of which reportedly have non-life threatening injuries.”



Customers on the Orange, Blue, and Silver lines will encounter significant delays throughout the day, Monday, October 7, due to an overnight rear-end train collision outside Farragut West. There were no passengers aboard the trains, which were being moved to their home rail yards.

Metro is strongly encouraging customers on these lines to consider using alternate travel modes today to avoid delays. Read More


Photo by PoPville flickr user Brian Mosley

A reader reported at 9:25am: “Active crime scene at stadium armory. Train is stopped and police in train interviewing ppl and taking photos. All cars are going wrong direction. Blood all over metro car apparently. My wife is there now. Police are photographing a gun on train.

“Update: There was a fight on the train. Upon entry by Metro Transit police they located a gun and have recovered it”.

Metrorail info reported at 9:30am: “UPDATED: Orange/Silver/Blue Line Delay: No longer single tracking. Residual delays continue in both directions due to an earlier a police investigation at Stadium-Armory.”

Update from MPD: Read More


Sidney shares a letter he wrote to WMATA:

“I am writing to you about a potential health problem at the Mt. Vernon Metro Station. Every afternoon between about 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm there is an abundance of bird (I assume pigeon) droppings all over the escalators. The disturbing thing is it’s all over the handrails and I see Metro riders putting their hands in it every single day. Read More


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