“Dear PoPville,

I thought this sincere, but funny, petition might be something the community would enjoy (and agree with) on a quiet Friday.”


“I regret to inform that the above ranked caskets represent the only apparent means of obtaining cold deli sandwiches at Wegmans DC.

I am certain, in some MBA’s spreadsheet somewhere, that this sandwich appears in a cell as “SANDWICH X1” and somehow better fits some marketing persona that’s been developed for the “on the go” DC shopper, with lower per-sf prep cost.

It does not. Read More


photo by John Sonderman

“Dear PoPville,

I had a missed connection today (yesterday, Wednesday.) I was walking along H street by Lafayette Park and noticed a gaggle of people walking on the sidewalk towards me. I saw Secret Service and stood aside and also tried to figure out who the dignitary was.

That’s when I turned and noticed a lovely brunette in a green floral dress following the group. We made eye contact and she smiled – and also clearly discerned my curiosity in the group she was loosely following. She volunteered that it was the Irish Prime Minister, or Taoiseach, in town to meet President Biden. We got to chatting and and I learned she was a reporter traveling with the PM’s delegation. Read More

Today in This Town

Photo by Shamila N. Chaudhary

hahaha thanks to Shamila for sharing:

“If you preordered and paid for your hard copy of the Mueller Report, it’s ready & waiting for you at Politics and Prose in Chevy Chase D.C.”


But seriously, this sounds bonkers all around.

Brendan reports:

“At around 1pm today, the manager of the Chopt in Union Station assaulted a customer upset that he’d been waiting half an hour for a salad he’d called ahead for that they were late to make. The Manager tried to take his phone, made a mess, and wrestled w/the Customer. The customer was allowed to leave after police were called. The Manager was taken away in Handcuffs.

It was insane. All the guy did was get upset that his salad was late, and say he was gonna write a bad review. Both of which he’s entitled to do. The Manager went nuts on him.”


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