Ed. Note: I’m not posting the hateful messages but I have seen them and con confirm. I’m also told they received threatening phone calls and voicemails. Just ridiculous. Please check out Bozzeli’s good looking menus here and find their locations here.

In response to the hate Bozzelli’s writes:

“Co-Owner Mike Bozzelli who runs his family’s pizza chain, Bozzelli’s, with his mother and sister explains, Read More

photo by Ted Eytan

From the office of Council Chairman Phil Mendelson:

“DC Council Chairman Phil Mendelson released the following statement in response to House Republicans’ disapproval resolutions for two District laws:

It is deplorable that Republicans in Congress are attempting to substitute their judgement and completely disregard the government of the District of Columbia by attempting to overturn our laws,” Mendelson said. “Congress delegated home rule to us 50 years ago and have had no hand in our public safety and should not now seek to interfere piecemeal. Keep your hands off our Home Rule. Read More

1108 U Street, NW photos courtesy Yasi Farazad Photography

From an email:

The mural is of the late Mahsa Amini and pays tribute to the Woman Life Freedom movement. Purpose of the mural is to help bring awareness to the revolution taking place in Iran and to help amplify the voices of silenced voices of the Iranian people. Weekly peaceful protests have been taking place in DC in support of this movement for the past 17 weeks.

The mural was painted by Rodrigo Pradel who is a prominent street artist. Rodrigo has another mural a couple blocks near 14th & U. Read More

photo by Victoria Pickering

Jenny Hunter is a labor lawyer, policy consultant and freelance writer living in Ward 4.

PoP-Ed. posts may be written about anything related to the District and submitted via email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail please include PoP-Ed. in the subject line.

“In 2018, when DC voters last considered an initiative to phase out the subminimum wage for tipped workers, the restaurant industry unleashed a well-funded campaign of sketchy arguments and fearmongering, dressed up as concern for workers. It didn’t sway voters, who decisively approved Initiative 77. But the industry convinced the DC City Council to thumb its nose at voters and repeal the measure.

This November’s ballot includes Initiative 82, a near-replica of I-77. I-82 would gradually raise the tipped subminimum wage of $5.35 so that by 2027 tipped workers would earn at least the regular minimum wage, now $16.10, with tips on top of that. Yes, that’s right, today tipped workers in DC can be paid $5.35 per hour–just a smidge more than the federal minimum wage in 1997, when DVD players first became available in the US and “SpiceWorld: The Movie” came out.

So, the restaurant industry is dusting off its specious old arguments. Read More


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