Washington, DC

From an email:

“DC Wood for Good

Today, throughout Washington, DC, businesses, residences, and other buildings are boarded up to protect their property from damage. We support the protestors and their desire to force change. What this project is about is what is next for the wood. Unfortunately, much will find its way to a landfill, however, we want to help find a second life for this wood, and use it as a reminder of this landmark time in our nation’s history. Through the use of art and creativity, we will be able to keep this moment in time fresh in our minds.
Shaw Main Streets is asking that businesses donate their unwanted wood.

We are seeking local artists and creators to transform this wood into art, useful items like benches and planters, and other uses that are useful to the community. Shaw Main Streets will auction off some of the finished projects with proceeds benefiting local movements that promote equality. Additional pieces will be shared for Art All Night, an annual art festival that canvasses the city.

Details: Read More


From an email:

“Brighten Your Day. Be Cultured. Get Outside. Have a Destination!

What: An Outdoor Art Show featuring one painting every day (#porchsidegallery)
Where: Glover Park (3824 Beecher Street, NW)
When: Every day through Mother’s Day (weather permitting)
Why: To brighten & enliven Glover Park and give folks a destination!

It started on Easter and has been bringing joy to me and the neighborhood every non-rainy day since. Read More


“Dear PoPville,

I’m working with a team of 24 local artists to create and send hug-inspired artworks while we’re physically distancing and unable to give real hugs. The project is called A Hug or Something Like It and allows folks to send ‘Hug” care packages containing miniature hug art prints made by DC-area artists to friends and family (or to enjoy themselves!). Read More


“Jimi Hendrix – 1967- Ambassador Theater on 18th St. These are pictures that were taken of him by a friend with a connection back then. Tickets were $2.50.”

Yesterday I shared my prized John Denver poster and asked folks to share their favorites too. You guys shared some awesome ones!! You can see them in the comments of that post, and on our twitter and a few on our Facebook.

Here are lots more emailed to me: Read More


Ed. Note: Please note the quotes around “And His Guitar”

There are some who have questioned my love for the late great John Denver and all I can say is make no mistake. But then it got me thinking that it might be fun to see everyone else’s favorite posters since we’re mostly stuck inside for a while. So if you’re able please share yours in the comments but if you’re not able and you have a particularly awesome poster, painting etc. – please send via email to [email protected] thanks!

Allow me to leave you with one of the melodies of the great one: Read More


Thanks to Mary for sharing: “Not encouraging people to be out and about, but I took my elderly neighbor’s dog for a good long walk yesterday and ran across this gem. I didn’t come across the other members of the arts walk, but hopefully they will enjoy being spotlighted!” Read More


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