Washington, DC

“Jimi Hendrix – 1967- Ambassador Theater on 18th St. These are pictures that were taken of him by a friend with a connection back then. Tickets were $2.50.”

Yesterday I shared my prized John Denver poster and asked folks to share their favorites too. You guys shared some awesome ones!! You can see them in the comments of that post, and on our twitter and a few on our Facebook.

Here are lots more emailed to me: Read More


Ed. Note: Please note the quotes around “And His Guitar”

There are some who have questioned my love for the late great John Denver and all I can say is make no mistake. But then it got me thinking that it might be fun to see everyone else’s favorite posters since we’re mostly stuck inside for a while. So if you’re able please share yours in the comments but if you’re not able and you have a particularly awesome poster, painting etc. – please send via email to [email protected] thanks!

Allow me to leave you with one of the melodies of the great one: Read More


Thanks to Mary for sharing: “Not encouraging people to be out and about, but I took my elderly neighbor’s dog for a good long walk yesterday and ran across this gem. I didn’t come across the other members of the arts walk, but hopefully they will enjoy being spotlighted!” Read More


4602 14th Street, NW, looking south towards Buchanan Street

I’ll be curious to learn more about this space. The liquor license application for 9 Bars Street Art Café says:

“A new C Tavern. Seating Capacity of 40. Total Occupancy Load of 47. License will include an Entertainment Endorsement.”

Update: Thanks to Chad for passing on their website:

“We are DCs first street art cafe
An espresso bar with a sublime cup of coffee,
a waffle that you cant get anywhere else,
wrapped in a culture decades in the making”

We are thrilled you’ve found us! 9 Bars Street Art Cafe is the first of it’s kind in DC, an espresso bar serving the best daggone waffles you’ve ever tasted, owned and operated by a local street artist. We specialize in a sublime cortado paired with a delectable treat, a made to order waffle that you can’t find anywhere else. We will be displaying artworks from local artists, hosting exhibitions, and are available to add flavor to your next event as a kiosk.”



courtesy Dupont Underground

From an email:

“Starting February 9, 2020, local artists will be descending into what was once an underground city street car station to launch a new Sunday arts market.

It’s worth noting that the Dupont Underground space is up for lease renewal. It’s at a pivotal moment where the city could decide to reclaim the space and sell to developers. The arts community is passionate about conserving the space as a sanctuary for local culture and for events like this new Sunday market.”

Press release: Read More


Courtesy of Ota Fine Arts ©YAYOI KUSAMA
Photo by Cathy Carver

From the Hirshhorn:

“One with Eternity: Yayoi Kusama in the Hirshhorn Collection is a tribute to the life and practice of Yayoi Kusama, a visionary artist whose revelatory practice has captivated audiences around the world. Building on the Hirshhorn’s blockbuster 2017 exhibition Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors, this new exhibition affirms Kusama’s legacy within the Museum’s collection and art history with three significant new acquisitions. Read More


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