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“Dear PoPville,

When one has a recording of a porch thief, are you supposed to report it as a crime and submit the video? Is it helpful for crime stats?

Would love to hear actual recommendations other than just complaints.

My video is obviously of someone very masked up that probably won’t be helpful for evidence collection.”


Paul writes: “Brookland – Just an average FedEx Express envelope set on my doorstep, awaiting pick up. But it seems to have gotten picked up early. I hope whoever grabbed it enjoys my urine sample!”

“Dear PoPville,

Just a heads up, there’s been a rash of package thefts in the neighborhood since Tuesday. I contacted MPD and filed a report as I had 3 packages stolen yesterday, but I recommend folks stay vigilant and keep a close eye on any deliveries coming up. I hope the thief was happy with my… office supplies?”


“Dear PoPville,

I got an Amazon package stolen from my porch within 15 minutes of delivery today.
The modus operandi is walk back and forth to make sure the package is still there, come to the door and pretend knock, hang out for a few seconds not to seem suspicious, then leave.

My husband saw the thief on the Nest app and followed him down the road, he confronted him and told him: “were you just on my porch?” – the thief was hiding the package inside his coat – to which he replied: “oh yeah, wrong house”

It wasn’t worth it getting stabbed over a package so my husband let it go. The police said the thief will probably wear the same hat, coat and/or backpack again. Please share so people are aware.”

MPD advises: Read More

“Dear PoPville,

Brazen package theft occurred in a Columbia Heights at 3:15pm today (Thursday.) One woman was observed approaching the home with her cart, presumably loaded with other stolen packages, to take a stack of packages from the front door which had been delivered by FedEx just a few minutes earlier. A man appears to be accompanying her, and serving as a lookout while she acquires the packages. Two individuals with similar physical descriptions have been previously seen in the immediate area at night searching for packages left on porches overnight.”

Ed. Note: Historically, package theft always increase as we approach the holidays. Try to pay particularly close attention to delivery alerts if you get them.


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