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“Dear PoPville,

I was wondering if you or your readers would know why I was woken up by the sound of small regular explosions this morning around 7am? (near U Street metro) There would be a series of them, like fireworks slowly going off, and then a pause for several minutes and then the sound would start again.”


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Brian reports from around 3rd and P Street, NW:

“any word on a shooting in Truxton Circle last night at about 8:30? Sounded like three shots. Police were in the area minutes later”

Amy replied: “There were some leftover NYE fireworks getting set off in the neighborhood last night…”

Anyone else hear them in Truxton?

Unrelated but just before 6pm Mona reported to us in NE:

“So, uh, did anyone else hear two massive (like, ground-shaking massive) explosions around NE DC within a few minutes of each other just now or am I having a stroke?”

Somebody’s definitely gonna bring up the shirt so let me get that out of the way.


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Last night was pretty crazy and to be honest a bit hard to follow. This is what we know for sure from MPD around 9pm:

“Shooting at 14th & Meridian Pl NW Lookout is for 3 b/m’s mid 20’s wearing all black clothing with hoodies. last seen running westbound across 14th Street NW.”

Josh reported: “4-5 gunshots”

Side note: One reader tells us, “Watched the fire truck and ambulance who were going to the scene be delayed for almost 5 minutes because a MD driver couldn’t back down Meridian Pl to get out of the way.”

Before that is where it gets confusing. Read More


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Reported around 11pm:

“anyone else hear gunshots near 8th and G NE around 11:50 pm? Heard 2 rounds of 5-7 each and called MPD to report”

Survey says:

“I thought they were fireworks. Pretty regular pattern.”

“Same, it was fireworks. This is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve heard this over the past few weeks.”

‘Tis the season so, if you’re not sure whether you heard gunshots or fireworks – tweet @PoPville with cross streets and we usually come to a consensus pretty quickly.


Photo by PoPville flickr user Victoria Pickering


“Gunshots heard on 14th and Randolph St around 10:20PM”

I took it to twitter – final arbiter of such queries:

Well they were powerful fireworks because they were heard from 8th and Randolph to 16th and Newton.

If you would like to participate in gunshots or fireworks? Please send an email with location to [email protected] or tweet @PoPville. Here’s to hoping for many more similar results as last night.


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“Dear PoPville,

Just wanted to reach out to see if any other readers heard the sound of multiple fireworks around 1:00am today (1/27). They went off intermittently for about 40 minutes and seemed to be coming from the intersection of Wyoming & 19th. At one point I heard a man yell “Hey! Stop that!” and my husband swears the yelling came from a cop (he was on our balcony at the time), but about 10 minutes later there were two more “explosions”. I called the police to report but was probably asleep by the time they arrived and I didn’t hear any more fireworks.

Later on (7:00am) when I left for work and was walking down Wyoming it looked as though the people setting off the fireworks also vandalized a parked car (rear window cover was torn off, grill was smashed), threw trash/food all over the sidewalk and somehow a screen from an apartment window had been knocked out (this could be unrelated).

I think this may be the third time in a month that there’s been fireworks set off in this area but this is the first time they were so late/early and the only time (that I know of) that was accompanied with destruction of property.”

Another reader reported:

“Multiple neighbor’s and I called in multiple gunshots over several minutes. We’ve never heard any over here before and a lot of us have lived here for years. Any clue if this was gunshots or fireworks? They didn’t sound like fireworks at all.”


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@PoPville got a lot of tweets last night:

“Anyone else hear those SEVEN enormously loud BOOMS in Northeast DC just now?”

MPD settles it:

“Someone had apparently ignited fireworks. We responded and recovered several fireworks from the area of H Street.”

There have been a number of Gunshots or Fireworks? tweets from around the H Street, NE area the last few weeks – so if you hear enormous booms there’s a good chance the stash has not been depleted. Of course you never know…so call 911 to report it. Also send a tweet to @PoPville if you’re concerned and folks can usually clear it up right quick. Props to @wcpsarah who called it fireworks early on.


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