Washington, DC

Photo by Sandhya

Last night was pretty crazy and to be honest a bit hard to follow. This is what we know for sure from MPD around 9pm:

“Shooting at 14th & Meridian Pl NW Lookout is for 3 b/m’s mid 20’s wearing all black clothing with hoodies. last seen running westbound across 14th Street NW.”

Josh reported: “4-5 gunshots”

Side note: One reader tells us, “Watched the fire truck and ambulance who were going to the scene be delayed for almost 5 minutes because a MD driver couldn’t back down Meridian Pl to get out of the way.”

Before that is where it gets confusing.

dipika first reported just before 7pm:

“just heard 5 LOUD bangs at 14th & Fairmont. Anyone else?”

From Colin:

“First round of shots were at 6:49pm (probably 4 or 5 shots) and the next round at 6:51pm is when I encountered I believe was 2 shots.”

Then at 9pm was the confirmed shooting at 14th and Meridian.

Update: Commenters believe the 7pm noise was fireworks.


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