Car in the Creek!

Thanks to Ken for sending: “This was seen near the Ranger Station in Rock Creek Park this morning”

J. also writes: “The USGS guys doing water sampling in Rock Creek” Read More

“This is odd”

“Dear PoPville,

This is odd, for the past few months (at least since mid-summer) there have been 6 relatively new Toyota Camrys with Florida license plates parked in the alley that runs behind Zips and Bread Furst in Van Ness. 4 of the Camrys are in the former Burger King drive thru lot and 2 are in the larger parking lot where the car wash folks dry off customers cars. The Camrys all now have stickers indicating that they will be towed and impounded, and a couple have flat tires. Read More


“Dear PoPville,

On Florida Ave NW between 11th and 13th, there’s a stretch of parking where cars always get broken into. On any given day, there’s 5 broken car windows on the sidewalk. Today seemed like double that. Take a look at this video. Hard to comprehend how the police have done absolutely nothing for years to address this. One of those camera poles would probably have a significant impact.”

To the video: Read More


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