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From the National Capital Planning Commission:

“At NCPC’s July 12 meeting, the Commission heard the Smithsonian Institution’s proposal for supplemental fencing and consolidated entrances around the National Zoo. The Commission deferred taking an action and requested that the Smithsonian provide a security assessment and conduct public outreach before coming back later in the fall. As a result, on August 1 at 6:30 pm, the Smithsonian will host a public meeting on the project in the Zoo’s Conservation Pavilion.

[NCPC also approved preliminary site development plans for a landscape design project that is part of the South Capitol Street Corridor and the new Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge. The design features a large traffic oval at either side of the bridge over the Anacostia River. Discussion and comments focused on the programming of the east oval and the types of amenities that should be provided for the community.]

More on the Zoo’s August 1 Meeting (more…)

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3001 Connecticut Ave., NW

UPDATE: Related:

From a press release:

“Statement on National Zoo Security-Access Plan

The safety and security of the visitors, staff and animals are the No. 1 priority at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo. The Zoo has an existing perimeter that currently has 13 pedestrian entrances. To improve the Zoo’s overall security and visitor experience, the number of pedestrian entrances will be decreased to three–Connecticut Avenue, the lower Zoo (Harvard Street) and the bus parking area near giant panda habitat. These are the three entrances that the vast majority of visitors use now.

Limiting the number of ways people enter the Zoo will enhance security and safety year-round. For the past four years during high visitation days or when there has been an increased threat level, security at these entrances has included bag checks and additional screening. The Zoo will continue this practice. On most days, visitors will use these three entrances as they do now.

The only part of the Visitor Access and Security Fencing Project proposal put forward to the National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC) for approval is the installation of additional fencing, which will begin in 2019. Although the proposal before NCPC refers to additional phased security concepts, these proposals are not under review by NCPC at this time. The Smithsonian is committed to engaging in a public process before submitting new security concepts for review by NCPC. Comments can be submitted to the Smithsonian via [email protected]

FAQ Smithsonian’s National Capital Planning Commission Proposal: (more…)

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Ryan Wegman reported on Saturday:

“Secret Service found someone smoking marijuana on Nando’s Woodley Park patio and it appears have arrested and searched the contents of a person (thoroughly). Unlike DC police, no congressional rider forbids SS from enforcing laws related to weed in DC, if anyone knows?”

2631 Connecticut Ave, NW

MPD’s website says:

“A person can still be arrested for:

Selling any amount of marijuana to another person;
Possessing more than two ounces of marijuana;
Operating a vehicle or boat under the influence of marijuana; or
Smoking, eating, or drinking marijuana – or holding or carrying a lighted roll of paper or other lighted smoking equipment filled with marijuana – in any public space, such as:

On any street, sidewalk, alley, park, or parking area;
In a vehicle on any street, alley, park, or parking area; or
Any place to which the public is invited.”

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This house is located at 2928 Garfield Terrace, NW. The Bright MLS listing says:

“Completely renovated residence in a quiet neighborhood within walking distance of the Woodley Park metro, restaurants, and shops. The home has high ceilings, large windows, and an open layout. There is a a chef’s kitchen that opens to a large family room, an exceptional master suite, 4 additional bedrooms, all with en-suite baths, an in-law suite, large screened-in porch and ample yard space.”

This 5 bed/6.5 bath is going for $2,670,000.

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You’re either drunk or bored by now so enjoy this bit of March mishigas from the Cleveland Park listserv:

“8:15 this morning [Thursday] I was retrieving my supercan to put it in the garage. 2600 block Woodley Place. A middle-aged man in a red jacket walking his black and white bulldog dropped a bag of dog waste in an already emptied supercan.

I picked it out and chased after him to inform him We do NOT do that in this neighborhood, and take it with him.

He of course was obnoxious and refused. I threw it trying to hit him in the head. (I’m obnoxious too).

A police cruiser happened to be coming along, asked them to catch up with him. Of course they’re not much interested.

I do have photos of him and his dog I am happy to share with you. Do you know who this is? Where he lives?”

My favorite reply:

“I’d also like to think that we don’t throw bags of dog sh*t at other people’s heads in this neighborhood, regardless of the provocation.”


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